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As we are into December which mostly means one thing for most people (Christmas) but it also means that Winter is finally upon us, with the warm jumpers, cute socks and even more cute slippers are totally a MUST. December is my favourite month of the year as it's filled with happiness and joy for most people and although it can be pretty rubbish weather and we are constantly waiting for it snow and then moan when it does, I enjoy winter a lot. So today I thought I would share with you lovelies some of my winter pleasures, a simple post to do but I'd recommend others doing it too.

1. Christmas 
Gotta start with the obvious one first, I love winter and the start of winter usually means wrapping presents, listening to Christmas songs, drinking warm drinks and being happy. 

2. The Weather
The weird warm (ish) weather and not knowing what to wear has finally gone and the cold is upon us, which means wrapping up warm and keeping cosy and also usually means some snow is coming and who doesn't love the snow

3. Warm Drinks
Some people drink them all year round but I much prefer to savour them for winter and I am more a frappe kinda girl the rest of the time. I love being able to get a nice big warm drink and sit a coffee shop and enjoy the day whilst keeping warm.

4. My Birthday 
I am a winter baby, which means on January 13th, I turn 21 which for me is a huge deal and I cannot wait. Although I have almost always hated having a winter birthday as you can never have a huge garden party, as I get older I start to see the good parts of it.

5. Not Shaving
This is why I favour winter over summer and it's not often that this is the case, I love love not having to shave my legs everyday as it always leaves them feeling itchy and grim, I love being able to wear jeans and not have to get my legs out everyday. 

6. Staying Inside Is Acceptable 
During the summer you find it wrong to stay inside when we have a sunny day, and even if you just want to stay in bed you feel like you should be outside enjoying it. In winter it's cold and every prefers the indoors which equals more bed time for me.

What do you love about winter? 

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