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I was recently looking through my old blog posts in aid of scheduling them up for the coming days and saw some of my older posts and cringed at how bad the photo quality is (check them out here and here if you fancy a laugh) and I am sure we've all been there and advancing your photography through your blogging journey is something we have all done I am sure, but I realized the although my photos looked better in the months after this there was still something missing, and that was editing. You can make so many changes after you've taken the photo from subtle ones to something that basically changes the whole photo, I use Photoshop to edit my photos but I know there are many free choices out there which are available to be used. I thought I would share a little insight into my photos before and after and what I do to make them look better, I hope this helps you lovelies and if you fancy more posts like this, do feel free to let me know.

Before Edit

After Edit

So as you can see in the first photo the lighting wasn't great and it makes the photo look even worse, when I open Photoshop the first thing I do is go over words on pictures and make them stand out more I do this by using the Sharpen Tool. Next I mess with the contrast and the brightness dependant on the photo will depend on how much I mess with them and obviously this photo was very dark before so it needed a lot of brighting but not so much it looks out of focus. Next I use the vibrancy tool which just gives the items in the photo a bit more glamour to them, if you think certain ones need it more than others you can go around them first and just do those. Then after this I use the exposure, I usually start with the brightness adding that final bit of brightness and then the offset exposure which makes your photos look a lot softer and it's perfect for Christmas as it gives them a more Christmas-sy feel. 

I hope you lovelies found this useful and if you fancy any other editing tips let me know! 

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  1. Great post! It was really helpful xx