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You may have noticed on my blog I have been so preoccupied by gift guides I haven't done a wishlist in forever and I used to do them on Wednesdays before it became my lifestyle day! Although I don't plan on doing them as often I hope to get them up again more often, today I thought I would bring you a wishlist (yes I am dreaming high) from one of my favourite brands who as you may have guessed from the tittle is Ralph Lauren who I am dreaming may make it into my wardrobe this Christmas, yes family I am looking at you! I literally could spend hours on the website, dreaming of all the amazing things I wish I had and if I could pull of all of the gorgeous shirts, still not sure on that one. But I thought I'd share with you some of my amazing finds upon on the website which may also inspire your Christmas list or a gift for a loved one, as they make some perfect gifts, which will totally wow them! I hope you enjoy my picks and let me know if any of them are on your Christmas list this year.

Pink Pony Ricky Drawstring Bag: 
When I laid on this bag I honestly fell in love, I am not even sure if it was the colour or the style which attracted me first, but I couldn't help but lust. It's such a classy looking bag and the perfect size for everyday and if I ever got this in my life I wouldn't trust myself with it as it's equal to a possible small car, but one day I will totally own this bag.

Soft Ricky Continental Wallet: 

This is honestly the best purse I have ever seen, firstly I am in love with the brightness of it as the colour just beams at you and makes you fall in love. I think it would make a perfect addition to Ralph Lauren lover and anyone who is on the look out for a new purse, check out this beauty!

Studded Leather Boots:

I am a huge fan of boots, I spend the majority of my life in them so of course a pair would make it on to my wishlist. They're made from real leather *eeeek* and look like they would last a long time and the studs are an added bonus to make me fall even more in love.

Soft Ricky Bag:

This blue is such a pretty blue, and I haven't seen anything similar anywhere else so it caught my eye. A bag made from real leather is just such a cool thing, and the fact that it is eye catching and a really nice style also makes it a bonus, the bag does come in other colours in case blue isn't really your thing.

*In Collaboration with Ralph Lauren 

Olivia Thristan

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  1. I love the Ricky bag! My bf is called Ricky, so I thought it would be cute to get one.

    Elaine x