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Urban Decay is making another appearance on the blog today as I am just loving them and their products at the moment, you may remember that I reviewed the amazing Vice 4 not long ago which came out not long after the Naked Smoky did the UK. When bloggers heard about the Naked Smoky earlier in the year I knew it was going to be another successful product as bloggers love to do the smoky eyed looks so why not create a palette for it! So although I am a little (maybe a lot) late to reviewing this palette I am hoping it is something you will still love and enjoy from me. Let me know what other products you'd like to see featured in the near future! 

Naked Smoky Palette

Naked Smoky Palette

The Naked Smoky Palette is made up of 12 glamorous shades, 3 of which are from other palettes and brought back to be a part of this amazing creation and 9 new shades which have never been seen before. The shades are all perfect for creating an amazing evening look and can be used to create so many different ones, my favourite shades are Dagger, Whiskey and Password as they are all shades similar to what I would usually use to create a look. As it's winter these shades are also perfect for creating simpler looks for throughout the day, to create a more simple looks I would suggest using Dirty Sweet, Combust and Radar as they're more subtle and easier to use for a simple look. If you are curious about the shades I listed above below is a list of all of the shades as well as pictures of the colours.

High (cream shimmer w/micro-glitter),
Dirtysweet (medium bronze),
Radar (metallic taupe w/iridescent micro-glitter),
Armor (metallic silver-taupe w/tonal sparkle), 
Slanted (light metallic gray), 
Dagger (medium charcoal w/micro-shimmer), 
Black Market (jet-black satin), 
Smolder (deep plum-taupe), 
Password (cool taupe matte), 
Whiskey (rich brown matte), 
Combust (soft pink-taupe)
Thirteen (light beige satin).

Naked Smoky Colours
Naked Smoky Colours

Like all of the previous Naked Palettes the shades last ages before hitting pan even if you use them daily it takes months for them to get low and they also stay on your eyes all day which is a pro espeically when you are going out at night and if you are going clubbing it gets hot and nobody wants to end up with a smudge of makeup all over their face, do they? Another thing about the Naked Smoky is the amazing brush it comes with, like all of the palettes a high quality brush is inside the palette which is perfect for a starter brush and easy to use also. 
Olivia Thristan

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