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As I am pretty sure you are aware, Christmas is fast approaching and if you're as excited as I am it's the perfect time to crack out your favourite Christmas movies, dig out some comfy PJs and lounge and out and enjoy the Christmassy feels. Today I thought I'd share with you my favourite Christmas movies and if you haven't seen them, you totally need to put them on tonight! In a dream world I would have a 4K TV to watch them on as the quality is SO amazing. Let me know in the comments what your favourite Christmas films are!

I am pretty sure every single human on this planet has seen this film over and over, but if you haven't you are seriously missing out, it's a fun family film and it stars Will Ferell (could it get any better?) The basic outline of the film is about an elf who is looking for his father, and the story about how he tries to find him.

The nightmare before Christmas
A kind of Christmassy/Halloween film, but amazing all the same. The film is about Jack Skellington who is the king of Halloween town, and he ends up in Christmas town and decides to celebrate Christmas as he's bored of his less cheery life and it's about his journey along the way. I love the film even more as it's a Tim Burton film and his image shines through.

Home Alone
You knew this was coming up surely? A firm favourite for most people although it makes me feel a little weird to think about how Macaulay Culkin is now, but lets just forget that. The concept of the film is about an 8 year old who is accidentally left at home when his family go on holiday and what's worse is he has to protect his house from two burglars! A lot for an 8 year old to take on, but it's an amazing film!

There are so many other films I could list such as The Holiday, Love Actually and Bad Santa but I thought I'd leave you with those three! If you love Christmas films I would love to know which ones!

Olivia Thristan

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