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It's approaching Christmas faster than I can cope with and everyday I am getting more and more prepared, if you follow me on twitter you may be aware of my idea to make all of my friends and family hampers for their presents as it means I can get a variety of smaller presents and make it very personal which makes me happy. I noticed The Body Shop had a similar idea which involves getting one of their amazing premium Christmas boxes and filling it with goodies from the store. The Body Shop kindly made one up for me and sent a variety of the goodies which are popular at this time of the year, of course dependant on the person would depend on the items you put in the box but it's a totally amazing way to fill it with goodies and it's a pretty hassle free gift.

The Body Shop Feel Good Box

The Body Shop Feel Good Box
 The box filled with goodies!

Inside my box were a variety of amazing products which are seasonal and totally worth a cheeky purchase, I thought I would tell you what I got in the box and also recommend some of my faves so when it comes to you purchasing your box, you're sorted! 

The first item I noticed in the box was the amazing Frosted Plum body butter which I've been lusting after since it came out, with its gorgeous purple packaging and even more gorgeous smell it's a perfect body butter for anyone at Christmas. If you don't think you'll loved one will like this, there are plenty of other body butters available from the store so it's worth checking out. Next I came across this gorgeous frosted cranberry shower gel, another amazing thing that would make a great addition for your box, it's a very fruity smell so may not be for everyone but perfect for a Christmas feel. 

In the box there was a variety of makeup items including nail polish, a pre party makeup kit and also a gold and silver eyeshadow palette and although they make fab editions for this box I'd also recommend them on their own if you are looking for a smaller present, they are definitely perfect for secret Santa gifts and also little treats within your friends and family. 

My favourite product in the box was the Sparkler, which is like a perfume bottle filled with glitter and is perfect to give you a pretty glow and a glitz. It's light and looks amazing and it's perfect for the upcoming Christmas parties and also for all year round. 

The Body Shop Products

Christmas Palettes From The Body Shop

Makeup From The Body Shop

What items are you lusting after from The Body Shop? 
Olivia Thristan

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