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I am excited, SO excited in fact because in just over two weeks it's going to be CHRISTMAS! Some people will let out a huge cheer when reading that, others will let out a groan those are the ones who probably haven't started their Christmas shopping yet or just dislike the day all together. I love Christmas and I am not sure how anybody could hate it? Today I am bringing you a post with the lovely Blue Chip Holidays about how people would spend their dream Christmas, and how it is more popular than ever to spend Christmas holidaying (that's the dream hey?) I know a lot of people love the idea of spending it at home in their PJs with their friends and family which is lovely and such an enjoyable day, but what about those who don't want to do that?

A survey from Breaking Travel News (which you can read here) says that there has been a 26% increase of people booking their cottages within the UK, which I can totally see the appeal to. Spending Christmas on the beach or by the pool? Yes please! Although I can totally see the downside too as you loose that British feeling to the celebration, roasties, stockings and dull weather. So how would I spend my perfect Christmas?

I would invite all of my family and the boyfriends family to a huge house somewhere in the UK, which would have lots of bedrooms, comfy sofas, a HUUUUGE kitchen, a hot tub and even a swimming pool. It would be the perfect escape from reality and give everyone the chance to relax, of course when it came to it the Christmas dinner would still be the same and so would boxing day (a huge buffet yummy) but there would be more room to relax, more people to enjoy the day with and also a new location which mixes it up from the normal! Plus it has a hot tub and a swimming pool which would be a fab experience whilst waiting to delve into a Christmas dinner! I thought it would be super interesting to read how you would spend your dream Christmas, so let me know in the comments below!

Olivia Thristan

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