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I love winter, in my opinion it's one of the best seasons closely followed by Autumn. I love wrapping up warm, and wearing the winter fashions and having the big fluffy socks and onesies on at night so much comfort as opposed to summer which involves wearing less clothes and being super warm all of the time, ew. Today I thought I would share with you my tips for keeping warm this winter, they're all kinda basic so you probably know them anyways but I love doing these kinds of posts and they always seem to go down well, so I hope you enjoy! 

Tip One- Get all of the jumpers and coats out.
I love digging out my big coats and fluffy jumpers ready for winter, and being able to wear them when I go out or when it is cold in the house. It's a perfect staple for any winter outfit being finished with a big warm coat or a cardigan and it looks cute and is super warm.

Tip Two- Get a flask.
A bit of a different one for you, but having a flask during the winter months is a perfect way to carry around warm liquids to warm you up after being inside. Thermos do some amazing ones in fun colours like pink and purple, I love carrying around soup in mine and it's perfect to drink at university and I am yet to spill it all over myself yet which I totally thought I would do first.

Tip Three- Invest in a onesie and fluffy socks.
I am yet to meet a person who doesn't own a onesie, but if this is you and you don't own one get one right now, it's something you need during winter for the perfect chill outfit to wear indoors and at night plus who doesn't want to walk around their house as a giant character. Plus get yourself some fluffy socks they are also a must have during winter.

Tip Four- Have more baths. 
Having a bath makes you super warm, and it's a chance to use all of those Lush products you haven't got around to using yet, I love going in the bath when my house is a bit cold or after I've been outside. Jumping in the bath before bed is also amazing as it calms you down and makes you super sleepy.

I hope you enjoyed these tips of how to stay warmer this winter!
Olivia Thristan

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