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I am huge fan of pampering and think it's a great way to relax after a stressful day or just a nice way to end any day. I have so many different products around my room which help with the perfect pamper, I thought I would share with you how I have my perfect pamper and what helps me with that. I have done a similar post before and if you fancy having a read of that you can do here or if not, I hope you enjoy this post and give yourself a great pamper sometime in the near future.

Having the perfect pamper

The first thing I always do when starting out a pamper is run a nice warm bath, and pop a selection of yummy candles around the bath and then start applying a face mask giving it time to set on the face before you get in the bath. Following this I usually pick a bath bomb or bubble bar from my lovely collection of Lush products, I always stock up ready for when I want a pamper as you can never have too many bath products. Next I will tie my hair up and grab a magazine which I also have a stash of ready for a chill evening and hope that I have a large bar of chocolate somewhere around and head into the bath. Whilst I am in the bath I will take my trusty Magnitone and cleanse my entire body leaving my face until the mask is ready to come off then I will also cleanse my face once I am done with this I will get a towel and pat my face dry and then lay back in the bath and tuck into the chocolate whilst reading the magazine and enjoying the bliss of the candles. Once I've had enough of the bath I will get out and cover myself in body butter usually from The Body Shop, I am currently loving the frosted plum one and it's so wintery and lush and then when it is dry put some comfy PJs and my huge comfy slippers and get on to my bed (oh and blow out the candles too) put some soothing music on and paint my finger and toe nails and once they are dry, I get into bed and watch my favourite TV show and if I haven't eaten yet I'll probably order a pizza to end the evening and if I have I'll likely get some snacks such as Popcorn or my favourite crisps.

What do you do for your perfect pamper? 


  1. Reading this has made me crave a pamper night so bad! Sounds perfect, I haven't had a pamper night in sooo long I think I am well overdue one! Xx
    Call Me Amy

  2. You really can't beat a pamper evening!