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When reading the title to this post I bet you were a little confused right? But you totally read it right, today I am talking Simply Be and their latest campaign to introduce Gender Neutral underwear to the high street. If you fancy reading more about their idea you can do here, so there are many reasons as to why they've brought this idea out and here are some of the reasons why you should totally go for unisex underwear.

Reason 1: Imagine the space you will save by sharing an underwear drawer!
Pros: Obviously the amount of space you will save and less underwear to wash
Cons: The idea of sharing underwear with your other half

Reason 2: For days when you just don't feel like being girly
Pros: Easy to wear and super comfy
Cons: I wear my boyfriends boxers on those days anyways

Reason 3: They're better for your health
Pros: Your parts will thank you for it
Cons: You can get cute comfy underwear!

Reason 4: They're SO damn comfy
Pros: The comfort factor
Cons: You can't argue with that!

Would you wear gender neutral underwear? 
I am not totally sold on the idea of sharing idea all my underwear with my boyfriend and I doubt he would be either, plus I totally like wearing small underwear, with frills and pretty pinkness so I doubt these are the item for me. But based on the comfort factor it sounds like something worth an investment even just for one pair.
Olivia Thristan


  1. That's what boy shorts are for... all the comfort and not having the thought of what male underwear goes through 🙈 also girly times of the month, definitely can't imagine a guy appreciating sharing underwear for that... nope nope nope, I will stick to my own underwear and let future Mr. Bats keep his own. 😂 xx

  2. Got to say this sounds rather strange. I don't think I could do it haha x