2015, what did I do? | Lifestyle

IT'S NEARLY THE END OF THE YEAR! What is this madness? I swear it was only a few months ago when we were coming into 2015 and now we are heading into 2016. When talking to a friend a few weeks back I realized I've actually done a lot of pretty big things in 2015 as well some smaller things so I thought I'd share them with you, along with a photo collage to share my year in pictures, I hope you enjoy this post as much as I enjoyed writing it!

What have I done in 2015? 

-Changed my name (for those of you who don't know about this you can read here)
-Starting wearing glasses
-Moved out
-Made some awesome friends
-Made it into third year of uni
-One year anniversary with Luke
-Started living with my friends
-Visited some awesome places
-Restarted my blog
-Got a foundation degree
-Gained over 8000 twitter followers
-Became more confident with who I am
-Got a job

I think 2015 has been a pretty successful year for me, what about you guys? 

How to have the perfect pamper evening! | Beauty

I am huge fan of pampering and think it's a great way to relax after a stressful day or just a nice way to end any day. I have so many different products around my room which help with the perfect pamper, I thought I would share with you how I have my perfect pamper and what helps me with that. I have done a similar post before and if you fancy having a read of that you can do here or if not, I hope you enjoy this post and give yourself a great pamper sometime in the near future.

Having the perfect pamper

The first thing I always do when starting out a pamper is run a nice warm bath, and pop a selection of yummy candles around the bath and then start applying a face mask giving it time to set on the face before you get in the bath. Following this I usually pick a bath bomb or bubble bar from my lovely collection of Lush products, I always stock up ready for when I want a pamper as you can never have too many bath products. Next I will tie my hair up and grab a magazine which I also have a stash of ready for a chill evening and hope that I have a large bar of chocolate somewhere around and head into the bath. Whilst I am in the bath I will take my trusty Magnitone and cleanse my entire body leaving my face until the mask is ready to come off then I will also cleanse my face once I am done with this I will get a towel and pat my face dry and then lay back in the bath and tuck into the chocolate whilst reading the magazine and enjoying the bliss of the candles. Once I've had enough of the bath I will get out and cover myself in body butter usually from The Body Shop, I am currently loving the frosted plum one and it's so wintery and lush and then when it is dry put some comfy PJs and my huge comfy slippers and get on to my bed (oh and blow out the candles too) put some soothing music on and paint my finger and toe nails and once they are dry, I get into bed and watch my favourite TV show and if I haven't eaten yet I'll probably order a pizza to end the evening and if I have I'll likely get some snacks such as Popcorn or my favourite crisps.

What do you do for your perfect pamper? 

Sunday Six #2 | Lifestyle

Back again with another Sunday Six and I had sooo much fun creating the last one, as you probably are aware it was Christmas two days ago so I decided to make this Sunday six a Christmas styled one and share all things I love about Christmas with you all and I hope you are enjoying these posts as I'd love to keep creating them for you.

Six Christmas dinner foods I love:
  1. Stuffing
  2. Parsnips 
  3. Hassleback Potatoes 
  4. Sprouts
  5. Roast Potatoes
  6. Cauliflower Cheese
Six things I love about Christmas day: 
  1. Being around family
  2. Christmas films
  3. Opening presents
  4. The dinner
  5. Happiness
  6. Christmas jumpers
Six Christmas songs I adore: 
  1. Do they know it's Christmas?
  2. Happy Christmas war is over
  3. Jingle Bell rock 
  4. Last Christmas
  5. All I want for Christmas is you
  6. Santa baby
Six Bloggers that rock: 


Just a quick blog post to say I hope you all have a fabulous day with your friends and family, eat all of the chocolate, play lots of Christmas songs, share fun memories with the ones you love, have a fab Christmas meal or two and open lots of amazing prezzies. I also wanted to add, to share a thought for those who are less fortunate then yourselves today, and remember that Christmas about love and giving! Enjoy your day guuuuuys and have some Christmas gifs on me:

Christmas Baking Fail | Lifestyle

A bit of an impromptu blog post which is quite strange for me as I usually schedule weeks in advance but last night me and Luke decided to do some Christmas baking which actually turned into baking some Miffy and Hello kitty biscuits but they're still pretty cute so I thought I would show you. 

So last night we went to Asda and bought all of the ingredients you need to make biscuits and also some festive coloured icing as we planned to make bauble biscuits and also some cornflake crispy cakes to go with them. We got home and made the biscuits following a shortbread recipe, and because I am such a fail I ended up putting the baubles too high up in the oven and they ended up burnt as anything and later turned into Frisbees in a food fight. Luckily we found out some cookie cutters I had ordered a while back and not yet used so we ended up making some cute Miffy and Hello kitty biscuits which we planned on turning into mini Santas, although that didn't go to plan either as we got black to fill in the eyes and they looked creepy so we stopped doing that and the Santa jackets didn't look right so as you would we admitted defeat and now just have 20 white biscuits but they're still super cute and yummy! During the time of making these we also made some crispy cakes which is pretty much melting chocolate, chucking corn flakes in and a load of treacle then putting them into cake cases and putting in the fridge these actually turned out okay and I plan to demolish them today.

We ended up having a huge roll on icing fight when my friend came back from work and I have several bruises now, who knew roll on icing could hurt so much?! It was still a lot of fun and obviously they wouldn't turn out right as I don't have the patience.

Merry Christmas all! 

How to stay warm during winter | lifestyle

I love winter, in my opinion it's one of the best seasons closely followed by Autumn. I love wrapping up warm, and wearing the winter fashions and having the big fluffy socks and onesies on at night so much comfort as opposed to summer which involves wearing less clothes and being super warm all of the time, ew. Today I thought I would share with you my tips for keeping warm this winter, they're all kinda basic so you probably know them anyways but I love doing these kinds of posts and they always seem to go down well, so I hope you enjoy! 

Tip One- Get all of the jumpers and coats out.
I love digging out my big coats and fluffy jumpers ready for winter, and being able to wear them when I go out or when it is cold in the house. It's a perfect staple for any winter outfit being finished with a big warm coat or a cardigan and it looks cute and is super warm.

Tip Two- Get a flask.
A bit of a different one for you, but having a flask during the winter months is a perfect way to carry around warm liquids to warm you up after being inside. Thermos do some amazing ones in fun colours like pink and purple, I love carrying around soup in mine and it's perfect to drink at university and I am yet to spill it all over myself yet which I totally thought I would do first.

Tip Three- Invest in a onesie and fluffy socks.
I am yet to meet a person who doesn't own a onesie, but if this is you and you don't own one get one right now, it's something you need during winter for the perfect chill outfit to wear indoors and at night plus who doesn't want to walk around their house as a giant character. Plus get yourself some fluffy socks they are also a must have during winter.

Tip Four- Have more baths. 
Having a bath makes you super warm, and it's a chance to use all of those Lush products you haven't got around to using yet, I love going in the bath when my house is a bit cold or after I've been outside. Jumping in the bath before bed is also amazing as it calms you down and makes you super sleepy.

I hope you enjoyed these tips of how to stay warmer this winter!

Why It's Important To Edit Blog Photos | Lifestyle

I was recently looking through my old blog posts in aid of scheduling them up for the coming days and saw some of my older posts and cringed at how bad the photo quality is (check them out here and here if you fancy a laugh) and I am sure we've all been there and advancing your photography through your blogging journey is something we have all done I am sure, but I realized the although my photos looked better in the months after this there was still something missing, and that was editing. You can make so many changes after you've taken the photo from subtle ones to something that basically changes the whole photo, I use Photoshop to edit my photos but I know there are many free choices out there which are available to be used. I thought I would share a little insight into my photos before and after and what I do to make them look better, I hope this helps you lovelies and if you fancy more posts like this, do feel free to let me know.

Before Edit

After Edit

So as you can see in the first photo the lighting wasn't great and it makes the photo look even worse, when I open Photoshop the first thing I do is go over words on pictures and make them stand out more I do this by using the Sharpen Tool. Next I mess with the contrast and the brightness dependant on the photo will depend on how much I mess with them and obviously this photo was very dark before so it needed a lot of brighting but not so much it looks out of focus. Next I use the vibrancy tool which just gives the items in the photo a bit more glamour to them, if you think certain ones need it more than others you can go around them first and just do those. Then after this I use the exposure, I usually start with the brightness adding that final bit of brightness and then the offset exposure which makes your photos look a lot softer and it's perfect for Christmas as it gives them a more Christmas-sy feel. 

I hope you lovelies found this useful and if you fancy any other editing tips let me know! 

The Sunday Six | Lifestyle

I have been in love with these posts for a while only to find out the lovely Jemma from Dorkface started it along with the Friday Five which is so cool. As we are good friends I popped Jem a message to check she doesn't mind the post being done by other people and she said that it's fine yay! With my own lists of six which I shall be thinking of as I go along, I shall be bringing you the Sunday Six for a few weeks to see how well it goes down with you lovelies to see if I make it more of a permanent fixture.

Six bands I love: 

  1. All Time Low
  2. Halestorm 
  3. Fall Out Boy
  4. The Goo Goo Dolls
  5. Good Charlotte 
  6. Sum 41 
Six things I love about Christmas: 
  1. The atmosphere 
  2. Presents
  3. Being around the family
  4. Cold weather
  5. Christmas Tree
  6. Lights 
Six Pokemon characters I love: 
  1. Sylveon 
  2. Shinx
  3. Meloetta 
  4. Jigglypuff
  5. Shaymin
  6. Entei 
Six blogs that kick ass: 
  1. Queen Bee Becca
  2. Cocktails in Teacups
  3. Little Miss Fii
  4. The Bell Jar
  5. The Colour Chronicles
  6. Olivia Cheryl
Let me know your thoughts on Sunday Six and any ideas of lists I can do in the future! 

Naked Smoky Review | Beauty

Urban Decay is making another appearance on the blog today as I am just loving them and their products at the moment, you may remember that I reviewed the amazing Vice 4 not long ago which came out not long after the Naked Smoky did the UK. When bloggers heard about the Naked Smoky earlier in the year I knew it was going to be another successful product as bloggers love to do the smoky eyed looks so why not create a palette for it! So although I am a little (maybe a lot) late to reviewing this palette I am hoping it is something you will still love and enjoy from me. Let me know what other products you'd like to see featured in the near future! 

Naked Smoky Palette

Naked Smoky Palette

The Naked Smoky Palette is made up of 12 glamorous shades, 3 of which are from other palettes and brought back to be a part of this amazing creation and 9 new shades which have never been seen before. The shades are all perfect for creating an amazing evening look and can be used to create so many different ones, my favourite shades are Dagger, Whiskey and Password as they are all shades similar to what I would usually use to create a look. As it's winter these shades are also perfect for creating simpler looks for throughout the day, to create a more simple looks I would suggest using Dirty Sweet, Combust and Radar as they're more subtle and easier to use for a simple look. If you are curious about the shades I listed above below is a list of all of the shades as well as pictures of the colours.

High (cream shimmer w/micro-glitter),
Dirtysweet (medium bronze),
Radar (metallic taupe w/iridescent micro-glitter),
Armor (metallic silver-taupe w/tonal sparkle), 
Slanted (light metallic gray), 
Dagger (medium charcoal w/micro-shimmer), 
Black Market (jet-black satin), 
Smolder (deep plum-taupe), 
Password (cool taupe matte), 
Whiskey (rich brown matte), 
Combust (soft pink-taupe)
Thirteen (light beige satin).

Naked Smoky Colours
Naked Smoky Colours

Like all of the previous Naked Palettes the shades last ages before hitting pan even if you use them daily it takes months for them to get low and they also stay on your eyes all day which is a pro espeically when you are going out at night and if you are going clubbing it gets hot and nobody wants to end up with a smudge of makeup all over their face, do they? Another thing about the Naked Smoky is the amazing brush it comes with, like all of the palettes a high quality brush is inside the palette which is perfect for a starter brush and easy to use also. 

Living With Adult Acne | Lets Talk

Acne, is the one thing that has been consistent throughout my teens and now in my early 20's it is still bothering me the same way it ever was. It's not even just the fact that it looks awful on my face and all over my body, it's actually really painful on my face and is constantly leaving me with 100% confidence. I try to cover it up with makeup but it is often too painful to do so, leaving me feeling disheartened and down about my skin, I have tried so many pills and creams but it always ends up coming back. I am forever wishing I had the confidence to go out without makeup but my head tells me that people are staring at me and my acne makes them sick.

Yeah I said that I think some spots on my face make people sick, even though in reality they probably haven't even noticed them. During high school I had to deal with a lot of bullying because of my acne and I have never quite recovered from that, the names they used to call me still affect me today- equator face, ugly, your face makes me want to be sick, EW that's disgusting you should wear a bag on your head. Those things still come into my head when I am having a bad acne day, it's becoming a problem even now to cope with my image. I've tried so many different things, and none of them seem to work I am starting to accept the fact I'll never have good skin without some kind of intense treatment which sucks. Growing up you get told it'll get better, you'll grow out of it but that day never comes and you feel as disgusting as you ever did. I am sad because I know my face will always have the scars which acne caused and I'll never have the perfect face which I dream of, but I guess I'll get used to it one day, maybe not yet but one day I will.

My favourite Christmas movies| Seasonal

As I am pretty sure you are aware, Christmas is fast approaching and if you're as excited as I am it's the perfect time to crack out your favourite Christmas movies, dig out some comfy PJs and lounge and out and enjoy the Christmassy feels. Today I thought I'd share with you my favourite Christmas movies and if you haven't seen them, you totally need to put them on tonight! In a dream world I would have a 4K TV to watch them on as the quality is SO amazing. Let me know in the comments what your favourite Christmas films are!

I am pretty sure every single human on this planet has seen this film over and over, but if you haven't you are seriously missing out, it's a fun family film and it stars Will Ferell (could it get any better?) The basic outline of the film is about an elf who is looking for his father, and the story about how he tries to find him.

The nightmare before Christmas
A kind of Christmassy/Halloween film, but amazing all the same. The film is about Jack Skellington who is the king of Halloween town, and he ends up in Christmas town and decides to celebrate Christmas as he's bored of his less cheery life and it's about his journey along the way. I love the film even more as it's a Tim Burton film and his image shines through.

Home Alone
You knew this was coming up surely? A firm favourite for most people although it makes me feel a little weird to think about how Macaulay Culkin is now, but lets just forget that. The concept of the film is about an 8 year old who is accidentally left at home when his family go on holiday and what's worse is he has to protect his house from two burglars! A lot for an 8 year old to take on, but it's an amazing film!

There are so many other films I could list such as The Holiday, Love Actually and Bad Santa but I thought I'd leave you with those three! If you love Christmas films I would love to know which ones!

Ralph Lauren Christmas Wishlist | Fashion

You may have noticed on my blog I have been so preoccupied by gift guides I haven't done a wishlist in forever and I used to do them on Wednesdays before it became my lifestyle day! Although I don't plan on doing them as often I hope to get them up again more often, today I thought I would bring you a wishlist (yes I am dreaming high) from one of my favourite brands who as you may have guessed from the tittle is Ralph Lauren who I am dreaming may make it into my wardrobe this Christmas, yes family I am looking at you! I literally could spend hours on the website, dreaming of all the amazing things I wish I had and if I could pull of all of the gorgeous shirts, still not sure on that one. But I thought I'd share with you some of my amazing finds upon on the website which may also inspire your Christmas list or a gift for a loved one, as they make some perfect gifts, which will totally wow them! I hope you enjoy my picks and let me know if any of them are on your Christmas list this year.

Pink Pony Ricky Drawstring Bag: 
When I laid on this bag I honestly fell in love, I am not even sure if it was the colour or the style which attracted me first, but I couldn't help but lust. It's such a classy looking bag and the perfect size for everyday and if I ever got this in my life I wouldn't trust myself with it as it's equal to a possible small car, but one day I will totally own this bag.

Soft Ricky Continental Wallet: 

This is honestly the best purse I have ever seen, firstly I am in love with the brightness of it as the colour just beams at you and makes you fall in love. I think it would make a perfect addition to Ralph Lauren lover and anyone who is on the look out for a new purse, check out this beauty!

Studded Leather Boots:

I am a huge fan of boots, I spend the majority of my life in them so of course a pair would make it on to my wishlist. They're made from real leather *eeeek* and look like they would last a long time and the studs are an added bonus to make me fall even more in love.

Soft Ricky Bag:

This blue is such a pretty blue, and I haven't seen anything similar anywhere else so it caught my eye. A bag made from real leather is just such a cool thing, and the fact that it is eye catching and a really nice style also makes it a bonus, the bag does come in other colours in case blue isn't really your thing.

*In Collaboration with Ralph Lauren 

Male Aftershave Gift Guide | Seasonal

CHRISTMAS IS LESS THAN A COUPLE OF WEEKS AWAY EEEEK, I honestly can't believe how fast time is flying by! As you know my blog has been featuring gift guides for a while now including a male gift guide and one for those who own pretty much everything and if you fancy checking them out I'd love to hear your thoughts! Today I thought I'd bring you a male aftershave gift guide as I plan on doing a female perfume one so I thought it was only fair, I hope this gives you some ideas of amazing scents to give your loved ones. Whereas the aftershaves are concerned I featured a range of low to high priced aftershaves to suit every budget and also some new and slightly older releases of the aftershave, perfect for those who love to keep on trend or who are looking for a new scent.

| Hugo Boss Boss | Lacoste Blanc | Paco Rabanne 1 million
| 007 Seven | Ralph Lauren  Polo Red | Burberry Weekend |
| Dior Homme | David Beckham Instinct Sport | Disel Only The Brave Wild | 

Gender Neutral Underwear | Lifestyle

When reading the title to this post I bet you were a little confused right? But you totally read it right, today I am talking Simply Be and their latest campaign to introduce Gender Neutral underwear to the high street. If you fancy reading more about their idea you can do here, so there are many reasons as to why they've brought this idea out and here are some of the reasons why you should totally go for unisex underwear.

Reason 1: Imagine the space you will save by sharing an underwear drawer!
Pros: Obviously the amount of space you will save and less underwear to wash
Cons: The idea of sharing underwear with your other half

Reason 2: For days when you just don't feel like being girly
Pros: Easy to wear and super comfy
Cons: I wear my boyfriends boxers on those days anyways

Reason 3: They're better for your health
Pros: Your parts will thank you for it
Cons: You can get cute comfy underwear!

Reason 4: They're SO damn comfy
Pros: The comfort factor
Cons: You can't argue with that!

Would you wear gender neutral underwear? 
I am not totally sold on the idea of sharing idea all my underwear with my boyfriend and I doubt he would be either, plus I totally like wearing small underwear, with frills and pretty pinkness so I doubt these are the item for me. But based on the comfort factor it sounds like something worth an investment even just for one pair.

Womens Perfume Gift Guide | Seasonal

As promised here is part two of my gift guides for women, if you missed part one feel free to click here to check it out. Now for the second part I have decided to go with fragrance as I did a male orientated guide and thought it was only fair to share a female one, if you are looking for a fragrance for a special woman in your life this guide may be the perfect thing for you to sink your teeth into! I have included 9 must have fragrances for all price ranges including a smaller budget! I thought I'd talk about a few of the perfumes which are my favourites before I let you loose on the gift guides.

 I am in love with Ghost, it's such a pretty scent which gives the feeling of mysterious and it's quite a strong scent which I am in love with. I can't remember what the Viktor and Rolf perfume smells like as I've only smelt it briefly in a shopping centre but the bottle sent me head over heels in love. Although I am not a huge fan of Ariana herself, the perfume is such a lush sweet smelling perfume and amazing for those on a smaller budget and the bottle is so cute isn't it? If you are looking for a new release of a perfume Marc Jacobs is a firm favourite for a lot people so it might be worth checking out, if your loved one is a huge fan of his previous perfumes it's a must have. Finally I thought I'd mention a long time favourite of mine which is by Lacoste although the bottle isn't as cute as some of the others the scent is lovely and it's by an amazing brand so everyone is a winner.

 If you are looking at purchasing any of the fragrances in the gift guide there will be links underneath so you are able to do so, enjoy!

Euroffice 12 days of Christmas advent | Seasonal

Good morning lovelies, I hope you're all well? Today I am bringing a bit of a wishlist post as well as telling you about a super exciting advent calender which is being run by Euroffice, so lets begin. Euroffice are a company who bring the best office essentials to your office including pens, notebooks and furniture and in the run up to Christmas they decided to launch a 12 days of Christmas giving you 12 DIY ideas/hacks to do over the Christmas period including how to wrap tricky presents and decorate cards with pen ink (they look amazing) as well as all this there is a chance to win amazing prizes everyday along with the tips, so if you love stationary as much as me you are in for a real treat! To celebrate this awesome advent calender I decided I would do a wishlist of stationary every addict needs from their website, I hope you enjoy this wishlist and let me know if you decide to try any of the hacks!

*In Collaboration with Euroffice 

How to do Christmas on a budget | Lifestyle

CHRISTMAS IS COMING, I repeat it is coming! Which for a lot of people is a huge stress as it involves spending lots of money and using a lot of time which people also don't have. I decided today to break it down for you and create some tips for shopping on a budget which is quick and also effective for those people who don't have all of the time in the world. I hope you enjoy my tips as my previous budget posts have gone down well, if you fancy checking these out click here or here.

Christmas Present

1. Buy Online:
When I say buy online I don't just mean go to the first online shop you find, I mean go online and trawl the web for ideas of presents at a better price. I used to kick myself when I spent more in a shop than online especially when it was a HUGE difference. Aliexpress and Ebay are perfect examples of this, you can buy brand new items for a fraction of the price and aslong as you get in early, it will arrive in time for Christmas. Examples of what you can get on these sites are: Stationery, Clothing and Phone Cases all SO much cheaper.

2. Shop in advance:
It may be a while until the big day, but it's important to get in there early, search out deals and find out where to get the best prices. Look for events coming up in store which might get some discounts e.g. Clubcard points is a good example, save them all year round and then use them when you can triple your vouchers for presents.

3. Make presents:
Not only kids can make presents, it's totally cool for adults to do the same. Obviously on a bit of a different scale but you can create cute hampers for your friends and family by investing in cheaper bits and putting them together making it seem more value and also add the personal touch. You can also make things like scrapbooks for friends to remind them of the good times.

4. Don't buy for everyone:
The reality is you can't afford to buy for everyone in the world, make a list and prioritize who is first and go down the list, if you are low on funds by the end the less important people to you get smaller gifts e.g. chocolate and wine.

5. Secret Santa:
When you have a large group of friends it doesn't work to buy everyone something, so it's a great idea to do a group secret Santa. Therefore everyone gets a present and also it keeps yours and their budgets down, win win.

How would you spend your dream Christmas? | Seasonal

I am excited, SO excited in fact because in just over two weeks it's going to be CHRISTMAS! Some people will let out a huge cheer when reading that, others will let out a groan those are the ones who probably haven't started their Christmas shopping yet or just dislike the day all together. I love Christmas and I am not sure how anybody could hate it? Today I am bringing you a post with the lovely Blue Chip Holidays about how people would spend their dream Christmas, and how it is more popular than ever to spend Christmas holidaying (that's the dream hey?) I know a lot of people love the idea of spending it at home in their PJs with their friends and family which is lovely and such an enjoyable day, but what about those who don't want to do that?

A survey from Breaking Travel News (which you can read here) says that there has been a 26% increase of people booking their cottages within the UK, which I can totally see the appeal to. Spending Christmas on the beach or by the pool? Yes please! Although I can totally see the downside too as you loose that British feeling to the celebration, roasties, stockings and dull weather. So how would I spend my perfect Christmas?

I would invite all of my family and the boyfriends family to a huge house somewhere in the UK, which would have lots of bedrooms, comfy sofas, a HUUUUGE kitchen, a hot tub and even a swimming pool. It would be the perfect escape from reality and give everyone the chance to relax, of course when it came to it the Christmas dinner would still be the same and so would boxing day (a huge buffet yummy) but there would be more room to relax, more people to enjoy the day with and also a new location which mixes it up from the normal! Plus it has a hot tub and a swimming pool which would be a fab experience whilst waiting to delve into a Christmas dinner! I thought it would be super interesting to read how you would spend your dream Christmas, so let me know in the comments below!

In The Spotlight: The Body Shop | Gift Buying

It's approaching Christmas faster than I can cope with and everyday I am getting more and more prepared, if you follow me on twitter you may be aware of my idea to make all of my friends and family hampers for their presents as it means I can get a variety of smaller presents and make it very personal which makes me happy. I noticed The Body Shop had a similar idea which involves getting one of their amazing premium Christmas boxes and filling it with goodies from the store. The Body Shop kindly made one up for me and sent a variety of the goodies which are popular at this time of the year, of course dependant on the person would depend on the items you put in the box but it's a totally amazing way to fill it with goodies and it's a pretty hassle free gift.

The Body Shop Feel Good Box

The Body Shop Feel Good Box
 The box filled with goodies!

Inside my box were a variety of amazing products which are seasonal and totally worth a cheeky purchase, I thought I would tell you what I got in the box and also recommend some of my faves so when it comes to you purchasing your box, you're sorted! 

The first item I noticed in the box was the amazing Frosted Plum body butter which I've been lusting after since it came out, with its gorgeous purple packaging and even more gorgeous smell it's a perfect body butter for anyone at Christmas. If you don't think you'll loved one will like this, there are plenty of other body butters available from the store so it's worth checking out. Next I came across this gorgeous frosted cranberry shower gel, another amazing thing that would make a great addition for your box, it's a very fruity smell so may not be for everyone but perfect for a Christmas feel. 

In the box there was a variety of makeup items including nail polish, a pre party makeup kit and also a gold and silver eyeshadow palette and although they make fab editions for this box I'd also recommend them on their own if you are looking for a smaller present, they are definitely perfect for secret Santa gifts and also little treats within your friends and family. 

My favourite product in the box was the Sparkler, which is like a perfume bottle filled with glitter and is perfect to give you a pretty glow and a glitz. It's light and looks amazing and it's perfect for the upcoming Christmas parties and also for all year round. 

The Body Shop Products

Christmas Palettes From The Body Shop

Makeup From The Body Shop

What items are you lusting after from The Body Shop? 

Get Ready With Boohoo £40 & Under Challenge | Fashion

It's another Fashion post on the blog, which is shocking as I've gone months without doing them but I am currently loving doing fashion related posts and it makes me super happy to be able to share my style and feel confident in it rather being ashamed of my outfit choices. I was set an awesome challenge recently by the lovely Faith at Boohoo to create a winter outfit for under £40! Which seems a lot when you start out but when you have to buy everything it's a little less than what I thought but with the amazing prices at Boohoo I got there with some super gorgeous choices. I was originally going to style this outfit out for you guys myself but with lack of time and it seeming to be dark most of the time I decided to recreate the outfit as an image instead. I hope you guys love it as much as I do.

As it is now winter I decided cosy clothes are the way to go with warm leggings, a big baggy tee, a long thick cardigan and some amazing accessories to match! The leggings came in at an amazingly cheap £6.00 and they are the staple to the outfit with the dogtooth pattern spread across them, the cardigan was the most expensive part of the outfit coming in at £18.00 but it was still a steal of a price as far as cardigans go! Next was the baggy tee which is super slouchy and comfy was £8.00 and it came in a range of colours but I decided to keep my outfit monochrome and went with the black, finally the outfit was finished with a choker was £2.99 and a fake septum ring which was £1.99 (and also hated by my boyfriend haha) I would add my black Dr martens to this outfit along with a stunning red lip and smoky eye makeup to finish it off and give it that real rock chic vibe.


Winter Pleasures | Lifestyle

As we are into December which mostly means one thing for most people (Christmas) but it also means that Winter is finally upon us, with the warm jumpers, cute socks and even more cute slippers are totally a MUST. December is my favourite month of the year as it's filled with happiness and joy for most people and although it can be pretty rubbish weather and we are constantly waiting for it snow and then moan when it does, I enjoy winter a lot. So today I thought I would share with you lovelies some of my winter pleasures, a simple post to do but I'd recommend others doing it too.

1. Christmas 
Gotta start with the obvious one first, I love winter and the start of winter usually means wrapping presents, listening to Christmas songs, drinking warm drinks and being happy. 

2. The Weather
The weird warm (ish) weather and not knowing what to wear has finally gone and the cold is upon us, which means wrapping up warm and keeping cosy and also usually means some snow is coming and who doesn't love the snow

3. Warm Drinks
Some people drink them all year round but I much prefer to savour them for winter and I am more a frappe kinda girl the rest of the time. I love being able to get a nice big warm drink and sit a coffee shop and enjoy the day whilst keeping warm.

4. My Birthday 
I am a winter baby, which means on January 13th, I turn 21 which for me is a huge deal and I cannot wait. Although I have almost always hated having a winter birthday as you can never have a huge garden party, as I get older I start to see the good parts of it.

5. Not Shaving
This is why I favour winter over summer and it's not often that this is the case, I love love not having to shave my legs everyday as it always leaves them feeling itchy and grim, I love being able to wear jeans and not have to get my legs out everyday. 

6. Staying Inside Is Acceptable 
During the summer you find it wrong to stay inside when we have a sunny day, and even if you just want to stay in bed you feel like you should be outside enjoying it. In winter it's cold and every prefers the indoors which equals more bed time for me.

What do you love about winter? 

Gifts For The Females In Your Life | Seasonal

If you are a regular reader of my blog you will hopefully be aware that I have been doing a series of gift guides over the last few weeks including one for beauty lovers and another for those who have 'everything' and I might have even tackled the males in your life. Now for the females, although beauty is technically a female based gift guide I thought this one would go down well, and I've also had lots of new ideas for this since I made the first one. I have decided to make this gift guide have two parts just because I have so many ideas, I am thinking one for random bits and bobs and then another for perfume as I have lots of recommendations as far as that goes, let me know in the comments if you want a perfume gift guide? Without further ado here comes the first part of my gift guide for the females in your life!

Thomas Sabo Bracelet & Charms:
I find this to be awesome alternative to Pandora, and although I own a Pandora bracelet (which you can read about here) I do find them a lot more pricey, don't get me wrong Thomas Sabo is also a premium brand their charms can be expensive but as far as their bracelets go you can get a great value one for £30 and then get charms as well which is a lot better value for money and you can also choose to get charms from other places not just Thomas Sabo although they do have a huge range of gorgeous charms, including initials and cute things such as bows, hearts and animals. I like the idea of buying someone a customizable bracelet for Christmas as it's a very personal gift and noone else will have thought to buy the same thing.

Magnitone Barefaced:
I am a huge fan of cleansing brushes as I think they just make your face that bit more clean and give it a good old cleanse which you can't do by hand. The reason this has made the gift guide is for those looking for a slightly more expensive present for their loved ones at £85 this illustrated cleansing brush is an awesome and quirky present for those who fancy trying out a cleansing brush.

Soap and Glory The Wheel Deal:
It was only a matter of time before Soap and Glory made this list, and I would honestly recommend any of their gift sets, although this one stood out to me for it's value and the name which is The Wheel Deal, a variety of mini body butters as well as a full sized body polish. Perfect for a pamper for any beauty loving person along with a mini gift for any secret Santas, as it's perfect for breaking up and making mini hampers with.

EcoTools Starter Set:
Make up brushes are a perfect gift for any beauty lover, I bought my sister a set for her birthday and that went down amazingly so I have now put this on my list for future gift buying occasions for those beauty lovers in your life. I love EcoTools because they are long lasting, budget friendly and also look really pretty!

A bit of a strange gift for my last item, and that item is Esthechoc. For those wondering what it is, I'll explain, it's basically a chocolate which is great for your skin (bet you never thought you'd hear that?) as it is filled with antioxidants and the ingredients within the chocolate are known to give you clear healthy skin. Something everyone wants to hear, chocolate which makes your skin good too?!

*Contains PR samples 

Why Tattoos Shouldn't Be A Whim Thing | Lets Talk

As society grows more accepting of body modification, more people are taking to getting it done. I am someone who has had piercings for a long time, and always happy enough to get them as a spur of the moment thing, although the reason for this is the fact it is isn't permanent. Out of the 15 piercings I've had on my body only 4 exist now and you wouldn't be aware the others even existed. Back in July I got my first tattoo, I knew what I wanted and I've wanted it for a long time so to finally get it done just seemed right.

I am still the same amount of in love with it as I was the day I had to it done, and that's because I thought about it first. I went to book my second tattoo based on a design I had seen online and liked for a long time, but then when I had booked it and it came to getting it done I decided it wasn't right for me and although I lost money over it I am so glad I didn't go through with it. I have friends who have had tattoos on their body done by someone who was trained or had little experience and now this is stuck on their body forever and I also know of people who have their partners name tattooed on them and regret that when they break up, not to stay you will break up.

I love tattoos and I know so many people who have them and they all look amazing, and I am super happy they do and in most peoples cases they do regret at least one tattoo they've had done and I don't want to be in that situation. I want to love every single one of my tattoos and that is why a huge thought process goes into every single one of them and I am okay with that, whether it takes me years to get my next one at least I'll love it. I am yet to meet many people who have had a tattoo whilst drunk and instantly regretted it, you see people on the holiday programmes who get them done whilst they are abroad and very drunk of a person or something ridiculous they have no idea why they got it and that's stuck there for life. If you are yet to see many bad tattoos I totally recommend watching Tattoo Fixers which has enough bad tattoos on that you don't even need to make that mistake.

I am all for taking risks when it comes to life, but I think it is totally important to remember how permanent tattoos are, and how it shouldn't be something you do on a whim.