15 November 2015

Why I started Slimming World

If you follow me on twitter you may be aware that I recently started doing Slimming World, after trying to do lots of other 'diets' and failing, I am awful when it comes to eating the bad stuff and often forget to eat the good stuff. I am forever tucking into pizza and chocolate and not so much my five a day. I could of sat around forever waiting for all of my weight to fall off of me, but let's face it as much as I wish I could without hard work and determination I am not going to get anywhere. So this is where Slimming World comes in, in the past my family members have used it and recommended it as well following a lot of Instagram accounts who use it and it seems to work. Now the reason I went for SW over any other is because of the way it works, let me explain for those who haven't used it.

You are allowed an unlimited amount of certain foods, like veggies, fruit and even PASTA which most people then turn around and say that won't work, but it is actually okay. Filling up on these foods and cutting down on others helps, then you are allowed two 'healthy extras' a day which is from two lists one containing calcium related things such as milk and cheese and the other includes bread and other wheat items like cereal the healthy extras allow you to eat them in a measured amount once a day. My usual go to choice is cheese and two pieces of wholemeal bread and those are just what works for me, I know other people prefer to have milk and cereal but those are personal choices. Finally the more confusing part, the syns- these are things you are allowed to eat but in moderation, the way this works is you are allowed between 5-15 syns a day obviously the less you eat the quicker you tend to loose it, but this is great for those who love a bit of snack such as a cheeky pack of crisps every now and again or even the odd chocolate bar, it works as long as you are within your syn amount for the day. So far I've noticed my syns go on light butter on my toast, sometimes dips and of course the odd dairy milk.

The reason I think Slimming World will work for me is because I am never hungry, whereas with previous diets I would always get hungry and end up eating something wrong because I was in the mood to snack- whereas with SW you can snack on syn free foods and stay within your daily allowance. I think it is a lot easier to keep up even when you've lost the weight too, as you don't feel like you're on a diet and you can more easy on the syns and give yourself a few more treats.

Have you ever tried Slimming World?