Tweezerman Ambassador + Review

You may know or not know that Tweezerman has an amazing ambassador programme for bloggers and youtubers, where they get to try out all of the new releases and review them. I recently signed up and was approved and was told one of their gifts was on the way to me, and I was super surprised when an amazing eyebrow and nail kit arrived at my door in a cute little pouch like they have in salons. I was overwhelmed by the products and what they do, so I took to the internet and did some research on some of the products as well as reading the guide which came with the kit. 

In the kit there is: 
-A pair of eyebrow scissors
-3 super bright nail files
-Toenail clippers 
-Fingernail clippers 
-A cuticle nipper 
-Tweezerman slant tweezers (these are a keeper) 
-A brow mousse 
-Folding lash comb 
-Eyelash curlers (completely forgot to photograph them) 
-Eyebrow brush
-A cuticle pusher and cleaner 

I dug straight into fixing my eyebrows as they were well over due and I found it amazing to use scissors and now I have the perfect pair, as well as their slanted tweezers which have a lot better grip and remove hair a lot quicker than normal as it pulls out a few at a time, leaving your brows looking in shape. The brow mousse isn't something I have ever tried, but I don't know how I managed without it before this as it's amazing and keeps my brows in place, I was expecting a coloured formula as that is what I have had with previous products, but the fact it is clear actually makes it feel free and you can't feel the product. I love that with this kit it is easy to touch up your brows on a daily basis, keeping them in check.

As far as nails go, the kit for them is equally as amazing, I am in love with the bright nail files, and they're pretty heavy duty as I've known some nail files just to collapse whilst being used but these are perfect for filing. Next is the clippers, I don't often cut my fingernails as I like them to grow but these were perfect for giving them a little trim. The toe nail clippers are exceptional, most clippers are multi use and nowhere near good enough for toe nails, but these are perfect and it cuts them in a nice shape. I am yet to brave the cuticle nipper as I know I'll end up cutting half of my finger off (that's just me) and finally the cuticle pusher is game changing, it makes my nails bigger and also more even which is perfect, although it hurts a little the first time you do it, it's worth sticking with it.