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A post about changing your life for the better which isn't on January first, is totally a thing. It's November and we are fast approaching the end of the year but why wait until the new year to make those resolutions you won't keep to when you can make the change now. I have been a roller-coaster of a journey with weightloss of the past few years, trying diet after diet when it is apparent along with good eating comes the need to keep fit. I have always hated exercise and I think that has something to do with P.E at school (who didn't hate that?) but it turns out actual exercise isn't like that. I was approached by the lovely people at Get The Label in regards to a campaign talking about getting fit and not quitting basically, because like me a lot of people start their exercise journey then give it up. Winter is one of those times when people tend to give up with their exercise as the idea of going out of the house seems less appealing and whether that be to go to the gym or for a run, it tends to be a lot harder to do. Today I thought I would share some tips which I totally need to follow as well for not giving up exercise.


Tip One: 
I read online that having new work out clothes motivates people, the idea of putting on the clothing also works as a source of motivation. I read you should put on your work out clothes even if you don't want to do a work out as it can trigger something in your brain making you want to do it. I have tried this myself and it actually does, seeing my body in the work out clothes and seeing that I've gone the effort to putting them on makes me want to work out. Get The Label have an amazing range of fitness clothing and trainers and a discount so the perfect place to get your new work out wardrobe, if you fancy getting yourself some new bits check them out here.

Tip Two:   
Before pictures of myself are always a huge motivation, I can be sitting at my desk and glance over to a photo of myself when I was skinny and instantly be motivated to get moving and stop sitting around, also quotes and pictures online of other people who have lost a large amount of weight shows you that it is a possible thing to do.

Tip Three:
Get fit with a buddy, trust me having their support is needed there will be some days when they don't want to do it and you can drag them up and make them and visa versa, having their support and them doing the journey with you totally helps.

What helps with staying fit for you?

*In Collaboration With Get The Label

Olivia Thristan

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