Quirky Gifts For Those Who Have Everything

Hopefully you know the drill by now, on a Thursday until Christmas I am uploading a gift guide to help all of you lovelies who are stuck with ideas to buy for your loved ones. If you have any particular gift guides that you want to see then feel free to get in touch and I shall try my best to get that uploaded for you. Today my gift guide is for those who seem to have everything or are super fussy, it's less of a personal gift in cases and more fun but all the less guaranteed for those who you want to buy a present for but have no idea what.

Cute Lunch Boxes
These are perfect for anyone who is a fitness fanatic or those who like to take lunch to work, it's the perfect way to take lots of little things to work without them leaking on to each other (I've had that problem) they also have super cute quotes on them and the bright colours make them a little bit more joyful.

Thirst Extinguisher
Ever woken up in the middle of the night, gasping for a drink? Yeah that happens to me all of the time too, and I thought this gift would stop that. It's super cool as you get to drink from the handle and it squirts out to in refreshing bursts. It also holds 1.5 litres of whatever liquid you fancy, and stops it spilling all over.

Popcorn Machine
I literally have no reason for wanting this, but I think it's so cool and cute I would totally buy this and probably not end up using it, but it is a smaller version of the classic one that is used in cinemas. Pop the kernels in the machine and flick it on, getting amazing cinema tasting popcorn SO much cheaper than cinema and in the comfort of your own home.

Chocolate Pizza Kit
Pizza is good, any type of pizza is good. When I saw this awesome create your own chocolate pizza I fell in love. It's so amazing and starts with a chocolate base and you decorate it however you want, and is an awesome way to enjoy chocolate at Christmas without the boring old fashioned box.

3 In 1 Apple Peeler
I think this by far is one of the weirdest gifts on the list, but it's a super unique way to peel apples and of course other peelable things such as potatoes and although it cuts out the hassle of the old fashioned way of peeling it seems pointless to me, although its a fun gift for those lazy people in your life.