Period Talk

I've wanted to approach a subject on my blog for a while now but never known how to and if people would even read it at all. But after seeing a variety of posts on the subject, I feel it is finally time to talk about. In case you haven't already guessed from the title today's post will be all about periods. I am aware that not everyone likes to be open about them but it is a natural thing and I don't see why we shouldn't talk about them. Today I thought I would bring you some tips on how to feel better whilst you're dealing with your time of the month if you are lucky enough not to have one *cough* boys. these tips might help you as far as looking after your girlfriend, sister and mum may go.

Eat all the chocolate: 
There are not many times in life when it is okay to eat an unlimited amount of chocolate but this one of them, it is proven that chocolate actually makes you feel better to make the most of it and eat as much of it as you need and don't feel guilty about it.

Bed days: 

Sometimes during your time of the month you're in so much pain that the only cure is a bed day with a hot water bottle, Netflix and a hell load of chocolate, it's okay to need that time to feel better.

Watch cute cat videos: 
There is just something about cat videos that make us smile, it is totally worth just compiling a playlist filled with cute cat videos for when you're feeling down in the dumps, it's a total easy pick me up.

Comfy clothes:
The onesies are out in full force, you're already feeling uncomfortable during your time of the month so it's totally worth investing in something comfy to wear during this time, which is easy on the stomach and also totally amazing to chill in.

It's okay to cry:

Sometimes on our period, we cry for no good reason whatsoever, but that's ok. We are hormonal and that makes us emotional if you feel weird about crying just watch a sad film and that totally justifies the tears.

*Collaborative Post