ORLY Autumn Nails Review

It's officially Autumn yay! Although people have been acting like it's Autumn since the first of September, then again we did have a pretty rubbish summer. So today I thought I'd bring you some gorgeous nail varnish colours from ORLY which I think are fabulous for Autumn and I would happily wear some of them all year round (because that's just me) but these are perfect for anyone and easy to pull off. I thought I'd start this post by telling you a little bit of info on the brand as it's the first time I have spoke about them on my blog. ORLY was founded in 1985 by Jeff Pink and it was first off a company for top nail care including nail strengtheners and top coats. As well as creating seasonal shades, they have 150 statement polishes which are cruelty-free *yay*.

So I went for three shades of their polish for Autumn nails, and those are Vixen, Prince Charming and Sea Gurl, which are all perfect shades for wearing throughout autumn and beyond. 

ORLY autumn shades

This is my favourite polish out of the three, simply because it stands out more. I am huge fan of deep purple nail varnish, at first I'll have to admit I did think it was red until I applied it, then I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out purple. It's the perfect shade to wear throughout the days as it's not too in face but still looks nice. ORLY polishes are long lasting and I can find with the right base and top coat they can last up to two weeks. The packaging is also really attractive to me, as it looks like a high end brand, and the packaging is simple but nice at the same time. Vixen reminds me of Christmas so it's definitely the perfect shade in the run up to Christmas. I love the shiny feel it gives off when dry as it's the perfect finish to any nail varnish.

ORLY Vixen

Prince Charming: 
When I first saw this shade in person I thought I wouldn't like it, but I was surprised when I applied it. It is a beautiful light brown shade, which is very chocolate like. This is the perfect easy to wear shade, ready for the office and once again is long lasting. I love the way this shade is simple yet looks so gorgeous, and I would happily wear this throughout winter too. The name of this shade makes me smile as I love makeup brands who use quirky names for things, and it is nothing related to the name but somehow it suits it well.

ORLY prince charming

Sea Gurl: 
Now I have no idea what is with the name of this shade and it doesn't really give me the autumn element but it is perfect for wearing all year round as it's referring to summer. I love the look of this shade in the bottle and when it was applied it made me even more happy, it's a super glittery shade and if you hate glitter this one might not be for you but I love it. It's a perfect shade for Christmas parties, and evenings out as it's girly and glittery. It's a lot darker than I thought it would be, but I can't wait to wear this more often and get the most of it. The only downside of the polishes is the long drying time, and I am a bit impatient so I find it annoying when I have to wait for long periods of time for my nails to try.

ORLY sea girl

ORLY autumn shades 15

What is your favourite ORLY shade? 

*PR samples 100% honest review