20 November 2015

Lush Haul {3 Seasonal Products I love}

If you know me well or just read my blog, you'll probably know that I am a huge Lush fan and love to purchase their amazing products. If you don't know that about me feel free to read my two latest previous posts about my love for Lush here and here. In early October Lush bought out their seasonal products and of course, I made two rather large hauls (who wouldn't?) and I decided to share with you three of my seasonal favourites all of which I've actually tried before this year too so I know they're hella amazing.   

Candy Mountain Lush

Candy Mountain: 
Lets start with my favourite first, which is Candy Mountain which is a bubble bar and is out around Christmas time and has been for at least a few years now. Pretty and girly, it's my perfect choice of bubble bar. With this you can crumple it up and use it in one for a super bubbly bath or save a bit for a second bath, but at £2.95 it's reasonable to use it all. It is full of a gorgeous vanilla scent and turns your bath a beautiful pink colour. Crumble it under the tap for pure candy perfect and it is true it smells like sweets as my housemates always tell me so. I have stocked up on these and I am keeping some aside for after Christmas.

Snow Fairy Lush

Snow Fairy Shower Gel: 
As soon as I said Lush seasonal products, I am pretty sure this popped into your head if you're an avid Lush fan, if not you've got a lot to learn. Firstly I ordered a small bottle by accident and still need to pick up a bigger one, but if you're not sure about it go for the small one first which costs £3.95 and if you fancy going all out and having a bottle which will last you all year, go for a 1KG one as it literally will not run out unless you use a huge amount everyday. Snow Fairy is also a candy floss flavoured product, and leaves you skin smelling gorgeous. If you're not a fan of glitter, maybe this one isn't for you- but it is perfect for those who love girly and glittery scents.

Dashing Santa Lush

Dashing Santa: 
It's Santa, and he's dashing into your bath this Christmas. He is a little cutie, and I love the fact that he is cheap at only £2.95 and still a load of fun for your bath. Lush offer a variety of Santa styled products including a bubble bar and a bigger bath bomb but I find this one to be my favourite, With his golden boots dissolving first, followed by the rest of his body and the scent is a lovely orange flavoured one, which isn't overpowering. If you prefer simple products or are looking for a little stocking filler he is the one to go for.