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I have finally gotten around to featuring something on my blog I have wanted to do for a long time now, and that is focussing on a brand and introducing you to some of their amazing products, I am happy to hear suggestions of brands you want to see on this section. I was kindly sent a range of amazing products from L'oreal so I decided this was a perfect starting point for my brand focus post. I hope you enjoy finding out a little more about L'oreal and their amazing products.

Growing up L'oreal was one of the first brands I used as my Grandma would give her makeup that didn't suit her or she regretted buying, which I believe is where my crazy love for Lipstick started from, I was sent four of the amazing lipsticks from the Exclusive Pinks collection which if don't know about you should totally check out here. I got the shades Eva, Blake, Helen and Naomi and they're all amazing shades of pink, so if you love pink lipstick the collection is totally worth investing in, the black packaging makes them look super classy and expensive but they're actually pretty on budget at £6.99 and for the quality of the lipsticks, this is a totally worth it product. L'oreal have always done amazing lipsticks and some of the other collections I love are: Colour Riche and the 24-hour lipsticks. Always bringing out new on trend and fierce lip colours they are totally worth a purchase.

Next on the list is their mascaras another thing I am in love with from their collection, you may remember their Miss Manga Mascara which was a huge hit in the world of beauty and I totally know why after making my way through at least 6 tubes of the stuff. I was sent the amazing Volume Million Lashes which I was not disappointed with, in fact the opposite, the brush that comes with the mascara is flexible and also has a curved brush which is perfect for naturally building up your lashes as well as easy application (applying to your bottom lashes is a nightmare at times) the packaging again is seriously lust worthy and draws attention to the product, another must have.

The final thing I am going to talk about in this post is their amazing True Match Genius foundations which is a four in one foundation which is a concealer, powder, foundation and primer all together which is an awful lot for one product to do, when I tried it I was pretty sceptical about what it would actually do to my skin. The product comes with an applicator and I assumed it would be powder but it is not, applying the product is super easy and amazing for matching to the skin but as far as the eliminating the other products goes I doubt I would replace my current primer or concealer but I am happy to use it as a foundation and possibly as a powder as it sets your makeup with a matte finish which makes me happy.

I am a huge fan of L'oreal, and most of their products and I would love to know which brand you fancy me featuring next?   

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