I hate clubbing & that's okay.

I have just started my third year at university, and I can't believe how fast the last few years have gone, and that this is my final year at uni before I have to start working full time. Although I will be sad about leaving university I will be glad for so many other reasons too. I am a shy person, who suffers from anxiety and depression and the idea of being in a club freaks me out, big time. The idea of being around lots of people, who are pushing past, talking loud and getting far too close, just doesn't make me feel okay.

 To be honest the idea of any night out, makes me feel uneasy, I would much rather spend the money on a quiet night in, with films and pizza or even on a nice meal than spend £20-30 on a night which I probably won't remember much of in the morning and end up being sick (fun fun) now don't get me wrong I have been to clubs a fair few times, but from the minute I enter the club, I can't wait to leave again. In fact I spend the entire night thinking about bed, how much my feet hurt and how much I want some cheesy chips when I leave the club. I probably sound like the saddest person on the planet but I am not even bothered anymore. I much prefer to stay in, having a night in with friends or even on my own speaking to my friends online.

To me I always feel out of place too, the club is filled with pretty girls, in short tight dresses, with perfect hair and huge heels and I am there with a black down to the knee dress with a 2 inch pair of heels and smudged makeup half way through the night, but I have come to terms with the fact that is just me and that is just how I'll always be. Don't even get me started on the people in the clubs, you have drunk guys trying to grind on you, which to me makes me want to cry and scream at the same time, WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS! I feel uncomfortable watching all of my friends make out with random people they've just met whilst you stand there, thinking of your boyfriend who is at home (probably with his PC, and food). Not everything about clubbing is bad, I do like dancing I think it's amazing that at clubs, it's okay to dance how you like and noone really pays attention and even if they do, half of the time you don't even care. I hate clubbing, and that's okay and this is my post of why.