Gift Ideas For Beauty Lovers

Urban Decay Vice 4
If you read my blog a lot you'll already know I adore this palette as I have reviewed it here but this year I've been into bright colours and when this palette came out, I knew it had to be mine. Filled with 20 exclusive shades, it is perfect for any beauty lover especially ones who love experimenting. I love all things bright so this perfect for me. As an extra bonus it comes with an adorable bag and then also the case of the palette itself. It's a must buy for anyone loves pretty eyeshadow.

Anatomicals Hangover Set
We all have that one friend who always get terrible hangovers and just moans and cries about it for days, when looking on ASOS I saw this amazing set from Anatomicals and it has all the perfect things to cure a hangover minus a fry up. I love this little set as it's super thoughtful and perfect if you're doing a secret santa and don't know the person too well.

James Bond 007 Perfume
As most of you may know a new James Bond film has recently come out, meaning there is a huge hype around James Bond. I bought this perfume because for the price, the smell and the bottle it just was a win in my eyes. With a 50ml bottle only costing £30.00, it's a total steal. If you're loved one loves James Bond and a strong scent this is perfect for them.

Too Faced Chocolate Palette
This is on my wishlist and has been for ages, everytime I walk past it in Debenhams I have to resist the urge to purchase it as it's so amazing. It smells like chocolate and has the prettiest colours inside, this palette is more natural so perfect for those who aren't as daring as the Vice 4, it's also an amazing starter palette as it's full of different colours to create amazing looks.

Benefit Like A Rockstar Set
You knew Benefit would make it in here right? Every Christmas they bring out something amazing, this year being the Like A Rockstar set filled with amazing items such as Porefessional and the They're real mascara, it's a perfect kit for anyone looking to try benefit on more of a budget or for those who are looking for a variety of products to try. I love the price of this set as much as the products as it is £29.00 which is outta this world!

What beauty gifts are you lusting after?