Does Christmas HAVE to be expensive?

It's November, which of course means the seasonal adverts are starting to rear their heads. Every year it is a battle between the giants of the business world to make the best adverts which of course means a huge budget. Each year John Lewis is usually at the top creating something super meaningful and it also always looks amazing and this year is not different, with their advert addressing loneliness in the elderly which of course is something which is worse around Christmas- I have to admit the advert had me welling up, how sad does that man look *heart break*. Although the advert is amazing, it drew my attention to the fact that John Lewis signifies money at Christmas time along with lots of other companies and really we have to remember it's not all about the money, it's more about the time of year and spending time with loved ones. My Voucher Codes recreated the John Lewis AD with a fraction of the budget (£700 if you're interested) and I think it portrays an equally as important message if you fancy viewing the advert and I'd recommend it you can do here.

The message of the My Voucher Codes video is that Christmas doesn't have to expensive, in fact it doesn't even have to be about money. In my opinion I love the idea of Christmas and it being about family, decorations, the weather and just the fact that everyone is just that much more happy in the run up to Christmas (unless you work in retail, then maybe not). Christmas is just something that brings out happiness in people and I love that. I am one of those people who never really understood what Christmas was really about until recently and when you think about how much some people have and how little others have it really puts it into prospective, we are really damn lucky.

I can't wait for Christmas and the run up to the big day, along with all of that amazing food and not forgetting the amazing seasonal drinks which are around at the moment, mhmmm.

What is important to you about Christmas?