2 November 2015

Corkers Crisps Review

I love food, it's like my favourite thing on this earth minus my friends and family of course! I was recently sent a box of Corkers Crisps to review and I was very excited as the only thing better than food is of course free food and I love crisps, I have a particular love of sea salted crisps, oh and monster munch are pretty fab too. When the box arrived on my door step it was full of different flavoured crisps some of which I am yet to hear of anywhere else. I found the packaging awesome as it was colour and looked classic, and the crisps themselves are something else all together (In a good way of course) and I am happy that it's a bag of crisps rather than a bag of air which you can often find with some other brands. The crisps have an amazing crunchy texture which I love about 'posh' crisps as they aren't a bag of crushed up mess so overall a lovely taste with a texture, now on to the flavours!

So the first flavours I thought I would write about are the normal flavours, which are the Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar, Red Leicester and Onion and also the Sea Salted. These were the ones I went for first as I love anything sea salted as it just sounds posh and tastes lush. Out of the three sea salted were my favourite just because although they're the most simple, I just enjoy them the most. I found the Red Leicester and Onion flavour to be the strongest, but in a good way, although I am assuming they are based off of cheese and onion, I find them 100 times more satisfying as the flavour is prominent and the crunchy texture just adds to my love of them.

Next on to the 'posh' crisps, although they are all relatively posh but these flavours to me just feel extra posh the flavours are Gressingham Duck and Hoisin Sauce and Mixed Veg Crisps. I have heard of Gressingham duck from when I worked at Sainsburys as it was frequently bought so this made me feel the crisp flavour was posh also, due to being a vegetarian I decided to steer away from these crisps and give them to my housemate who said that they are lush which is always good. The mixed veg crisps seemed more like something I would enjoy as the flavour sounds like it will be amazing and full of goodness, and I was not disappointed the crisps were a mix of Carrot, Sweet Potato, Beetroot and Parsnip which just happen to be my favourite vegetables (minus sprouts!) and I am hoping to purchase some more of this flavour as I've never tasted any like them.

Finally we have unique flavoured crisps (or so I am calling them) and these are Sweet Thai Chilli, Sea Salt and Black Pepper and the one I found the strangest was Pork Sausage and English Mustard. As far as the sweet Thai chilli crisps went down I also passed them on to someone else as I am not a fan of anything chilli, but they once again were adored. Next were the lovely sea salt and black pepper crisps which are like a dream, they taste so good and yummy, I love the added addition of black pepper as it gives it an extra kick. Lastly was another flavour I sadly had to pass on which was the pork sausage and mustard flavour once again, being a vegetarian these crisps just weren't for me. 

Would you buy Corkers crisps?