Beefeater Christmas Menu Preview

I was kindly invite along with three of my friends to try out the Beefeater Christmas menu before it was available to the public and I accepted, I find it hard to go out to review places at times because of my anxiety but as this was only in the next town over, I jumped at the chance and so did my friends! When we arrived we were greeted by the lovely manager who took us to our table and explained how Beefeater works along with asking about my blog name as him and the staff were curious about it and saying how much they liked my blog. We had previously picked what we wanted to eat from their Christmas menu as they had to make sure they had some in the store for us, Me Kee and Luke had a starter but Soph didn't as she didn't like any (fussy eater) I had some lovely breaded mushrooms with a gorgeous dip, Kee had pulled beef and gravy which she loved and Luke had his usual which is Prawn cocktail and gave me his cucumber!

Following this we tucked into our mains and although I wasn't keen on my vegetarian burger as I don't really like quorn everyone else loved their food. Luke had his first 'real' steak as he referred to it and said it was amazing, and Kee had a festive burger which was huge, and had bacon and lots of cheese and then Sophie had the same as me. Beefeater said they have an unlimited chips and came back and gave us more chips throughout the meal *win win*. To finish the meal we had a lovely melt in the middle pudding except Kee who had a matchmakers sundae and we were all stuffed and I couldn't even finish my dessert. I wanted to thank the amazing people at Beefeater for their amazing hospitality and I can't wait to go back in the future to try some of their normal menu. Now on to the mouth watering pictures, P.S. if you're hungry cover your eyes!

beefeater menu

Rekorderlig Dry Apple Cider

Kee and Soph

Prawn Cocktail Starter

Garlic Mushrooms

Festive Steak

Vegetarian Burger

Kee loves food and beer

Melt in the middle pud