10 Documentaries I love.

It is so no secret that I am a huge documentary lover and spend a lot of my free time watching documentaries! I enjoy watching things which others might find morbid and disturbing but I think it gets the mind engaged and it is interesting to watch things about murder, losing weight, prison and even the odd documentary about drugs. Louis Theroux is my favourite documenter quickly followed by Stacy Dooley, I find them easy to watch as they're both down to earth and really easy to connect with on a personal level which I love when watching a documentary. Along with Channel 4 who make some seriously amazing and gripping content, I find myself spending around about 80% of my TV time watching a documentary of some sort and I feel like I am running out of content to watch but I will keep searching, I thought today I would share with you lovely lot 10 amazing documentaries which I have watched (possibly 50 times over) and love.

1. Supersize Me
By far my favourite documentary of all time, and such an easy watch. If you haven't already heard of it, it is about one man who eats Mcdonalds three times a day for 30 days to see the outcome and see how unhealthy Mcdonalds really is for you, although it doesn't sound super thrilling on paper, trust me it comes alive with every watch, p.s. it may make you super hungry so have food ready for this.

2. Terms and Conditions May Apply
I discovered this documentary by chance one day when I was bored on Netflix and it's actually REALLY interesting, it shares with you about what you may actually be signing when you sign up to anything, even things such as social media (I mean who reads the 50,000 page contract when signing up to Facebook) it's crazy what people sign up to without even realizing it.

3. The City Addicted To Crystal Meth
You knew Louis Theroux was going to make an appearance at some point, I found this documentary gripping and so interesting as Crystal Meth wasn't really a drug I was aware of, up until this point. It's scary to see what one substance can do to a person and I love the way Louis takes it into his own hands and gives it his own spin.

4. Mind Of A Rampage Killer
This is a documentary series, which looks into the minds of those who have commited the worst crimes and talks about them with the people who committed the crimes along with reconstruction footage, it's something I never used to like but it's totally interesting to try understand another persons mind.

5. Mummy's Little Murderer
This was a documentary I found on 5 on demand late at night randomly, it's about the spoilt boy who killed his girlfriend just because she wouldn't be manipulated by him. The worst part is the mother would do anything for her son, including trying to cover up the murder (so wrong) it's so interesting and had me in tears.
6. Bowling For Columbine
Another documentary about murder, discussing what happened to with the shooting in Columbine high school, one documenter Michael Myers looks into what really caused the two boys to go on a rampage shooting around their school, super interesting and in depth.

7. Fed Up 
One for those who love food, it's an awesome and eye opening documentary discussing the different amount of sugar in products and also sharing the crazy things which people and what it is doing to their body, another one which is hard to write about but totally amazing to watch. It also made me want to go juicing after watching.

8. Catfish
Most of you may know of the TV show, Catfish but who has seen the original reason as to why it started in the first place, it started with Nev (the main host of the show) and his journey of being Catfished, it's super interesting and also very gripping and even super sad at parts. It's basically an extended episode of the show, with Nev as the star and no Max.

9. Louis Theroux: Behind Bars
He made it on here again, with another one of his amazing documentaries! I love this documentary as it shares the what it is like to be one of Americas toughest prisons, I have seen documentaries about UK prisons and compared to this, they look like they have it easy, 20 men to a cell, now that sounds like punishment.

10. Murdered By My Boyfriend
A very real dramatization of a girl who suffered domestic abuse by her boyfriend, it showed you the ins and outs of what it is like to be in abusive relationship and is filmed in such a way which you feel like you are involved the whole way through, it's a sad but real story and breaks my heart everytime that people go through it every single day. Well worth a watch.