L'oreal Loves | Beauty Brand Focus

I have finally gotten around to featuring something on my blog I have wanted to do for a long time now, and that is focussing on a brand and introducing you to some of their amazing products, I am happy to hear suggestions of brands you want to see on this section. I was kindly sent a range of amazing products from L'oreal so I decided this was a perfect starting point for my brand focus post. I hope you enjoy finding out a little more about L'oreal and their amazing products.

Growing up L'oreal was one of the first brands I used as my Grandma would give her makeup that didn't suit her or she regretted buying, which I believe is where my crazy love for Lipstick started from, I was sent four of the the amazing lipsticks from the Exclusive Pinks collection which if don't know about you should totally check out here. I got the shades Eva, Blake, Helen and Naomi and they're all amazing shades of pink, so if you love pink lipstick the collection is totally worth investing in, the black packaging makes them look super classy and expensive but they're actually pretty on budget at £6.99 and for the quality of the lipsticks, this is a totally worth it product. L'oreal have always done amazing lipsticks and some of the other collections I love are: Colour Riche and the 24 hour lipsticks. Always bringing out new on trend and fierce lip colours they are totally worth a purchase.

Next on the list is their mascaras another thing I am in love with from their collection, you may remember their Miss Manga Mascara which was a huge hit in the world of beauty and I totally know why after making my way through at least 6 tubes of the stuff. I was sent the amazing Volume Million Lashes which I was not disappointed with, in fact the opposite, the brush that comes with the mascara is flexible and also has a curved brush which is perfect for naturally building up your lashes as well as easy application (applying to your bottom lashes is a nightmare at times) the packaging again is seriously lust worthy and draws attention to the product, another must have.

The final thing I am going to talk about in this post is their amazing True Match Genius foundations which is a four in one foundation which is a concealer, powder, foundation and primer all together which is an awful lot for one product to do, when I tried it I was pretty sceptical about what it would actually do to my skin. The product comes with an applicator and I assumed it would be powder but it is not, applying the product is super easy and amazing for matching to the skin but as far as the eliminating the other products goes I doubt I would replace my current primer or concealer but I am happy to use it as a foundation and possibly as a powder as it sets your makeup with a matte finish which makes me happy.

I am a huge fan of L'oreal, and most of their products and I would love to know which brand you fancy me featuring next?   

Beefeater Christmas Menu Preview | Lifestyle

I was kindly invite along with three of my friends to try out the Beefeater Christmas menu before it was available to the public and I accepted, I find it hard to go out to review places at times because of my anxiety but as this was only in the next town over, I jumped at the chance and so did my friends! When we arrived we were greeted by the lovely manager who took us to our table and explained how Beefeater works along with asking about my blog name as him and the staff were curious about it and saying how much they liked my blog. We had previously picked what we wanted to eat from their Christmas menu as they had to make sure they had some in the store for us, Me Kee and Luke had a starter but Soph didn't as she didn't like any (fussy eater) I had some lovely breaded mushrooms with a gorgeous dip, Kee had pulled beef and gravy which she loved and Luke had his usual which is Prawn cocktail and gave me his cucumber!

Following this we tucked into our mains and although I wasn't keen on my vegetarian burger as I don't really like quorn everyone else loved their food. Luke had his first 'real' steak as he referred to it and said it was amazing, and Kee had a festive burger which was huge, and had bacon and lots of cheese and then Sophie had the same as me. Beefeater said they have an unlimited chips and came back and gave us more chips throughout the meal *win win*. To finish the meal we had a lovely melt in the middle pudding except Kee who had a matchmakers sundae and we were all stuffed and I couldn't even finish my dessert. I wanted to thank the amazing people at Beefeater for their amazing hospitality and I can't wait to go back in the future to try some of their normal menu. Now on to the mouth watering pictures, P.S. if you're hungry cover your eyes!

beefeater menu

Rekorderlig Dry Apple Cider

Kee and Soph

Prawn Cocktail Starter

Garlic Mushrooms

Festive Steak

Vegetarian Burger

Kee loves food and beer

Melt in the middle pud

Braun Cleansing Brush & Epilator Duo | Beauty

Recently I was very kindly sent an amazing two in one Cleansing Brush and Epilator duo from Braun and couldn't wait to review it with you lovelies. I have been previously sent a cleansing brush from Magnitone and if you fancy reading my review you can do here, so with a previous one in mind I was excited to see what Braun had to offer. I firstly want to say I think the fact that it is an interchangeable device which is both an Epilator and a Cleansing brush is genius as most people use both, also the worlds first of its kind and it's fab for travelling and also comes with a super cute travel bag. The pair together retail at £59.99 from Boots and other stores may be different prices as I couldn't find one exact price.

Braun 831 Cleansing Brush and Epilator

The Cleansing Brush:
As much as I love other previous brushes I have tried, I found them a bit rough on my sensitive skin and even with different brushes I still found them hard to use so I am hoping that this is a different ball game. Of course when trying a brush it is going to start out a little rough as it's new but when the brush wears in it usually becomes a lot softer and makes my skin happier. The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was how small the head of the brush was and also the weight of the device. Often when using cleansing brushes my arm feels like it may fall off by the time I am finished but not with this one as it is super lightweight, I took the brush to my face and turned it on, if you flick the switch to the left it does a lot light motions which is perfect for extra sensitive areas such as eyes and nose and then to the right a more intense version which is great for everywhere else. After using the brush for a few days I noticed a change in my skin, I noticed my spots had cleared up massively and my face just felt more clean in general something which I don't feel after manual cleansing. I love to use my brush for other things such as exfoliating my face and also taking my make-up off and although it doesn't have a timer on it doesn't bother me as I just do it until my face feels clean. The only one downside to the product is the fact it is battery powered and not charged which can be a pain if you run out of batteries.


The Epilator: 
Now I have to admit I was scared to try this I have ever never used one in my life, but there's a first time for everything. I'll have to admit I was a little freaked out by the element of hair being zapped out of your skin but the fact it doesn't grow back for around 4 weeks has enticed me in. After you get over that first shock of how it feels when it pulls the hair out of your skin it is actually an acceptable pain (I haven't had the guts to try it on my brows yet) I love Epilators for facial hair removal as shaving obviously causes an increase of the hair and I don't want to imagine how I would look after shaving my tash for the first time. Once again the product is light weight and easy to clean after use as it comes with a little brush which is perfect for cleaning off the hairs.

Overall I love the product together and I have no idea why it hasn't been done before, I am glad that I was sent this amazing piece of tech to trial and share with you guys because it's a perfect Christmas gift for you or a loved one, and keeps your face in tip top condition. If you buy the beauty edition it also comes with a lighted mirror which is fab for when using the epiliator and looking for stray hairs.

*Products Sent For Review, 100% honest as per usual  

Gifts For The Males In Your Life | Seasonal

Yet another week is over which means another gift guide coming your way, I can't believe how quickly Christmas is approaching *sqeek* I have got a fair few presents sorted and I am just sorting out the final few now. As you may already know I am doing many different gift guides on my blog and previously have done beauty lovers and gifts for people who have everything. So today I am bringing you a gift guide for males, and hopefully help with some of the male present buying in your life, of course it won't be for everyone but I hope this helps.

A Chilli Hanging Basket:
The Chilli hanging basket is the perfect gift for any man who is in love with spice, this would be the perfect gift for all of the males in my life as they are all a fan of Chilli, it's a unique present and I can guarantee you will be the only one with that present on the day!

Monopoly with a twist, the whole board is about Chocolate! Sharing facts and pieces of chocolate is the aim of this game and it's a great addition to any monopoly lovers collection (I should know) it's brightly coloured and can be played over and over.

A 20 Multi Tool:
This literally screams my boyfriend to me, after he got a wallet ninja last year and hasn't let it leave his side the whole time I thought a more advanced version would do the trick, featuring a variety of features such as a bottle opener, a screwdriver and many more.

Beats Headphones:
A good pair of headphones is an awesome present for any male in your life, my boyfriend is a huge music fan so these would be perfect for him. My dad does a lot of travelling so the same goes for him the only problem with these are finding out what preference of headphones they have.

Fossil Watch:
Watches are always a good present to buy as they are long lasting, and are something which is great for everyday use, dependant on the person, makes the brand of choice vary but I love this watch from Fossil as it's a luxury product and it looks amazing.

Globe Light:
A bit of an odd present, but it's a different one and I think it's cool for a little bit of an easy present. This is for those more 'nerdy' males in your life, it's unique and fun.

Getting Help With Mental Health | Self Help

It takes guts to admit that something isn't right, whether that be with yourself, in your relationship or something else. Setting out and admitting you need help can often be a super huge challenge for people, especially those who aren't used to speaking about themselves. When it comes to mental illness the sad thing is because it's not a visible thing it can be misunderstood and even ridiculed by people and those people are the ones who don't understand. With mental illness there is a huge stigma around it, that is makes you a crazy person, or that you're a weak person which I think is totally not the case at all. In fact in my opinion dealing with a mental illness which is your head day in and day out makes you a pretty damn strong person, you feel weak, you feel scared and most of the time people don't understand you at all which can make it all that bit harder.

When it comes to asking for help it can be difficult, I have heard stories of people being rejected by their doctor which is an incredibly wrong thing to do and they should be the most understanding of them all, but as we move closer to breaking the stigma which comes with mental illness people are becoming more accepting and starting to understand it's not something that can be helped within a person. It makes me annoyed that some people turn around and say that it is your own fault that you have the illness, yet it hits waaaaay more people than everyone knows. A lot of celebrities even suffer from mental illnesses, and just like any other illness, it's blind and it doesn't discriminate against people.

If you're reading this and not sure if you have a mental illness or you're not sure what is going on, you need to sit down with yourself and think about your feelings- if it is easier write them down that way when you go get help it is a lot easier to go through all of the points of how you are feeling, take a friend or a family member with you I promise you it helps a great deal, even if they just wait in the reception area. I think a massive step when dealing with mental health is speaking to people, even if it is just one person who you trust. Let them know you're struggling and you don't know how to cope and they can help you along the way too.

The worst thing you can possibly do is lock yourself away or try to push it away as it'll always rear its ugly head, which is the sad and scary thing. There are so many routes to help deal with everyday life and dependant on your illness there are many suggested routes by your doctor. There is no such thing as you not deserving the help, even if you have a huge house and a perfect family, it doesn't matter.  Mental illness is evil like that. If you feel like you are feeling suicidal please talk to someone whether that be a friend, me or even an anonymous service like Samaritans.If you're struggling in your marriage it may be worth checking out a site such as regain.us to see what options there available around you. People care and they want to help you, please take that step to getting help today, I promise it doesn't make you weak or any less of a person, it makes you stronger if anything.

Period Talk | Lifestyle

I've wanted to approach a subject on my blog for a while now, but never known how to and if people would even read it at all. But after seeing a variety of posts on the subject, I feel it is finally time to talk about. In case you haven't already guessed from the title today's post will be all about periods. I am aware that not everyone likes to be open about them but it is a natural thing and I don't see why we shouldn't talk about them. Today I thought I would bring you some tips on how to feel better whilst you're dealing with your time of the month, if you are lucky enough not to have one *cough* boys. these tips might help you as far as looking after your girlfriend, sister and mum may go.

Eat all the chocolate: 
There is not many times in life when it is okay to eat an unlimited amount of chocolate but this one of them, it is proven that chocolate actually makes you feel better so make the most of it and eat as much of it as you need and don't feel guilty about it.

Bed days: 

Sometimes during your time of the month you're in so much pain that the only cure is a bed day with a hot water bottle, Netflix and a hell load of chocolate, it's okay to need that time to feel better.

Watch cute cat videos: 
There is just something about cat videos that makes us smile, it is totally worth just compiling a playlist filled with cute cat videos for when you're feeling down in the dumps, it's a total easy pick me up.

Comfy clothes:
The onesies are out in full force, you're already feeling uncomfortable during your time of the month so it's totally worth investing in something comfy to wear during this time, which is easy on the stomach and also totally amazing to chill in.

It's okay to cry:
Sometimes on our period we cry for no good reason whatsoever, but that's ok. We are hormonal and that makes us emotional, if you feel weird about crying just watch a sad film and that totally justifies the tears.

*Collaborative Post

K.I.S.S.I.NG Bitch Perfect Charlotte Tilbury Review | Beauty

It's taken me a while but I finally joined the Charlotte Tilbury bloggers fan club, there wasn't a doubt about not loving a product from Charlotte Tilbury it was more of the best time to purchase one of the lipsticks, due to the seasons changing and also the amount of money they cost. So I eventually did it, and I am so happy I did as it is one of my staple lipsticks and I couldn't imagine not having it in my collection. Compared to what I usually buy it's a bit different, I tend to go for bright lipsticks such as pink and red or dark lipsticks like purple and black which is fine as it suits my style. The lipstick I purchased which is in the shade 'Bitch Perfect' is a light pink and it's quite glittery, and comes from the collection K.I.S.S.I.N.G and has some other amazing shades and I hopefully hope to get my hands on Night Crimson and Love Bite next as they look like fab shades. As far as the lipsticks go they are long lasting, and smell divine as well having amazing packaging which draws you in. The lipsticks from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range have a special ingredient in them which protects your lips from UV damage which is a super amazing thing to have in a lipstick. 

The lipstick is made of a creamy formula which in my opinion is similar to the MAC creamsheen ones which I have tried in the past as well as some L'oreal lipsticks. It is easy to apply which is always a bonus, and I enjoy the silky feeling which is left on your lips after use, I am in love with this collection and in particular this lipstick as it's a new girly shade for my collection. I am happy I finally took the step and treated myself to a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and I can't wait to try other things from her collection as I've heard many great things. 

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect

Winter Evening Outfit Inspo | Fashion

I love this time of year so much, everything just seems more dainty and cute and I love wrapping up warm and being able to layer my clothes, I decided today to share with you some outfit inspiration for getting ready to go out in the evening whether that be for a meal or a Christmas do I am hoping my suggestions will work and also keep on track with your budget keeping. Everything is from the high street so I will leave links below of where you can purchase the items.

I am so in love with outfit as it is full of gorgeous items, I am usually the sort of person who wears all black so this is a perfect addiction to my wardrobe, and although the outfit is simple (in a good way) it gives my accessories time to shine, I have been loving ring stacks and I found a gorgeous set from Accessorize which has a lot of colour with the rings and they're very stand out so that adds an amazing element to my outfit. The clutch is also from Accessorize, I love the bright colours of this bag and the fact it sparkles, I am yet to see another like it and it was a perfect fit for the outfit, bringing some sparkle and glam. The final piece that made this outfit was a gorgeous statement necklace from Links of London and although it is a bit more pricey, it is totally worth every penny as it gives the outfit that final touch. All of the clothes in this outfit are from New Look in their party section.

Top // Leggings (Find similar here) // Jacket // Shoes (find similar here) // Clutch Bag (find similar here) //

Lush Haul {3 Seasonal Products I love} | Beauty

If you know me well or just read my blog, you'll probably know that I am a huge Lush fan and love to purchase their amazing products. If you don't know that about me feel free to read my two latest previous posts about my love for Lush here and here. In early October Lush bought out their seasonal products and of course I made two rather large hauls (who wouldn't?) and I decided to share with you three of my seasonal favourites all of which I've actually tried before this year too so I know they're hella amazing.   

Candy Mountain Lush

Candy Mountain: 
Lets start with my favourite first, which is Candy Mountain which is a bubble bar and is out around Christmas time and has been for at least a few years now. Pretty and girly, it's my perfect choice of bubble bar. With this you can crumple it up and use it in one for a super bubbly bath or save a bit for a second bath, but at £2.95 it's reasonable to use it all. It is full of a gorgeous vanilla scent and turns your bath a beautiful pink colour. Crumble it under the tap for pure candy perfect and it is true it smells like sweets as my housemates always tell me so. I have stocked up on these and I am keeping some aside for after Christmas.

Snow Fairy Lush

Snow Fairy Shower Gel: 
As soon as I said Lush seasonal products, I am pretty sure this popped into your head if you're an avid Lush fan, if not you've got a lot to learn. Firstly I ordered a small bottle by accident and still need to pick up a bigger one, but if you're not sure about it go for the small one first which costs £3.95 and if you fancy going all out and having a bottle which will last you all year, go for a 1KG one as it literally will not run out unless you use a huge amount everyday. Snow Fairy is also a candy floss flavoured product, and leaves you skin smelling gorgeous. If you're not a fan of glitter, maybe this one isn't for you- but it is perfect for those who love girly and glittery scents.

Dashing Santa Lush

Dashing Santa: 
It's Santa, and he's dashing into your bath this Christmas. He is a little cutie, and I love the fact that he is cheap at only £2.95 and still a load of fun for your bath. Lush offer a variety of Santa styled products including a bubble bar and a bigger bath bomb but I find this one to be my favourite, With his golden boots dissolving first, followed by the rest of his body and the scent is a lovely orange flavoured one, which isn't overpowering. If you prefer simple products or are looking for a little stocking filler he is the one to go for.

Quirky Gifts For Those Who Have Everything | Seasonal

Hopefully you know the drill by now, on a Thursday until Christmas I am uploading a gift guide to help all of you lovelies who are stuck with ideas to buy for your loved ones. If you have any particular gift guides that you want to see then feel free to get in touch and I shall try my best to get that uploaded for you. Today my gift guide is for those who seem to have everything or are super fussy, it's less of a personal gift in cases and more fun but all the less guaranteed for those who you want to buy a present for but have no idea what.

Cute Lunch Boxes
These are perfect for anyone who is a fitness fanatic or those who like to take lunch to work, it's the perfect way to take lots of little things to work without them leaking on to each other (I've had that problem) they also have super cute quotes on them and the bright colours make them a little bit more joyful.

Thirst Extinguisher
Ever woken up in the middle of the night, gasping for a drink? Yeah that happens to me all of the time too, and I thought this gift would stop that. It's super cool as you get to drink from the handle and it squirts out to in refreshing bursts. It also holds 1.5 litres of whatever liquid you fancy, and stops it spilling all over.

Popcorn Machine
I literally have no reason for wanting this, but I think it's so cool and cute I would totally buy this and probably not end up using it, but it is a smaller version of the classic one that is used in cinemas. Pop the kernels in the machine and flick it on, getting amazing cinema tasting popcorn SO much cheaper than cinema and in the comfort of your own home.

Chocolate Pizza Kit
Pizza is good, any type of pizza is good. When I saw this awesome create your own chocolate pizza I fell in love. It's so amazing and starts with a chocolate base and you decorate it however you want, and is an awesome way to enjoy chocolate at Christmas without the boring old fashioned box.

3 In 1 Apple Peeler
I think this by far is one of the weirdest gifts on the list, but it's a super unique way to peel apples and of course other peelable things such as potatoes and although it cuts out the hassle of the old fashioned way of peeling it seems pointless to me, although its a fun gift for those lazy people in your life.

10 Documentaries I love. | Lifestyle

It is so no secret that I am a huge documentary lover and spend a lot of my free time watching documentaries! I enjoy watching things which others might find morbid and disturbing but I think it gets the mind engaged and it is interesting to watch things about murder, losing weight, prison and even the odd documentary about drugs. Louis Theroux is my favourite documenter quickly followed by Stacy Dooley, I find them easy to watch as they're both down to earth and really easy to connect with on a personal level which I love when watching a documentary. Along with Channel 4 who make some seriously amazing and gripping content, I find myself spending around about 80% of my TV time watching a documentary of some sort and I feel like I am running out of content to watch but I will keep searching, I thought today I would share with you lovely lot 10 amazing documentaries which I have watched (possibly 50 times over) and love.

1. Supersize Me
By far my favourite documentary of all time, and such an easy watch. If you haven't already heard of it, it is about one man who eats Mcdonalds three times a day for 30 days to see the outcome and see how unhealthy Mcdonalds really is for you, although it doesn't sound super thrilling on paper, trust me it comes alive with every watch, p.s. it may make you super hungry so have food ready for this.

2. Terms and Conditions May Apply
I discovered this documentary by chance one day when I was bored on Netflix and it's actually REALLY interesting, it shares with you about what you may actually be signing when you sign up to anything, even things such as social media (I mean who reads the 50,000 page contract when signing up to Facebook) it's crazy what people sign up to without even realizing it.

3. The City Addicted To Crystal Meth
You knew Louis Theroux was going to make an appearance at some point, I found this documentary gripping and so interesting as Crystal Meth wasn't really a drug I was aware of, up until this point. It's scary to see what one substance can do to a person and I love the way Louis takes it into his own hands and gives it his own spin.

4. Mind Of A Rampage Killer
This is a documentary series, which looks into the minds of those who have commited the worst crimes and talks about them with the people who committed the crimes along with reconstruction footage, it's something I never used to like but it's totally interesting to try understand another persons mind.

5. Mummy's Little Murderer
This was a documentary I found on 5 on demand late at night randomly, it's about the spoilt boy who killed his girlfriend just because she wouldn't be manipulated by him. The worst part is the mother would do anything for her son, including trying to cover up the murder (so wrong) it's so interesting and had me in tears.
6. Bowling For Columbine
Another documentary about murder, discussing what happened to with the shooting in Columbine high school, one documenter Michael Myers looks into what really caused the two boys to go on a rampage shooting around their school, super interesting and in depth.

7. Fed Up 
One for those who love food, it's an awesome and eye opening documentary discussing the different amount of sugar in products and also sharing the crazy things which people and what it is doing to their body, another one which is hard to write about but totally amazing to watch. It also made me want to go juicing after watching.

8. Catfish
Most of you may know of the TV show, Catfish but who has seen the original reason as to why it started in the first place, it started with Nev (the main host of the show) and his journey of being Catfished, it's super interesting and also very gripping and even super sad at parts. It's basically an extended episode of the show, with Nev as the star and no Max.

9. Louis Theroux: Behind Bars
He made it on here again, with another one of his amazing documentaries! I love this documentary as it shares the what it is like to be one of Americas toughest prisons, I have seen documentaries about UK prisons and compared to this, they look like they have it easy, 20 men to a cell, now that sounds like punishment.

10. Murdered By My Boyfriend
A very real dramatization of a girl who suffered domestic abuse by her boyfriend, it showed you the ins and outs of what it is like to be in abusive relationship and is filmed in such a way which you feel like you are involved the whole way through, it's a sad but real story and breaks my heart everytime that people go through it every single day. Well worth a watch.

Why I started Slimming World | Weightloss

If you follow me on twitter you may be aware that I recently started doing Slimming World, after trying to do lots of other 'diets' and failing, I am awful when it comes to eating the bad stuff and often forget to eat the good stuff. I am forever tucking into pizza and chocolate and not so much my five a day. I could of sat around forever waiting for all of my weight to fall off of me, but lets face it as much as I wish I could without hard work and determination I am not going to get anywhere. So this is where Slimming World comes in, in the past my family members have used it and recommended it as well following a lot of Instagram accounts who use it and it seems to work. Now the reason I went for SW over any other is because of the way it works, let me explain for those who haven't used it.

You are allowed an unlimited amount of certain foods, like veggies, fruit and even PASTA which most people then turn around and say that won't work, but it is actually okay. Filling up on these foods and cutting down on others helps, then you are allowed two 'healthy extras' a day which is from two lists one containing calcium related things such as milk and cheese and the other includes bread and other wheat items like cereal the healthy extras allow you to eat them in a measured amount once a day. My usual go to choice is cheese and two pieces of wholemeal bread and those are just what works for me, I know other people prefer to have milk and cereal but those are personal choices. Finally the more confusing part, the syns- these are things you are allowed to eat but in moderation, the way this works is you are allowed between 5-15 syns a day obviously the less you eat the quicker you tend to loose it, but this is great for those who love a bit of snack such as a cheeky pack of crisps every now and again or even the odd chocolate bar, it works as long as you are within your syn amount for the day. So far I've noticed my syns go on light butter on my toast, sometimes dips and of course the odd dairy milk.

The reason I think Slimming World will work for me is because I am never hungry, whereas with previous diets I would always get hungry and end up eating something wrong because I was in the mood to snack- whereas with SW you can snack on syn free foods and stay within your daily allowance. I think it is a lot easier to keep up even when you've lost the weight too, as you don't feel like you're on a diet and you can more easy on the syns and give yourself a few more treats.

Have you ever tried Slimming World?  

My Geek Box Introduction | Subscription Box

I am gutted I didn't manage to get this up before Halloween but being ill with the flu then having a few super busy weeks has meant it is a bit later going up than I wanted to and although it's a Halloween themed box, I have decided to do a bit of a twist on it to so you guys don't miss out the amazing subscription box which is #MyGeekBox. I have heard lots of positive things about the My Geek Box over the last year or so, as it's filled with amazing goodies every month including an exclusive tee. Each month is made up of a theme and filled with goodies including that theme in the past there has been Side Kicks Theme and Toons Theme (super sad as I didn't buy either). You can buy them from month to month at £17.99 or for longer amounts which include you saving some serious dollar (yeah I know it's British and in pounds, insert of the winky face)

As Christmas is fast approaching I thought it would an awesome thing to share with you as it's an amazing gift for anyone who is a self proclaimed nerd or yourself if you're a bit of a secret nerd. As the box I received was an October box the theme was Halloween and included, a t-shirt with Boo on, a graphic novel called 'Twisted Dark' a 'bloody' tea towel, a zombie beware sign, a sticker and a Dracula puzzle. I love My Geek Box as it's perfect for me and my boyfriend to share also, as we can take bits that we both like and we pretty much share tees anyway. I just wanted to say thanks to the lovely people at My Geek Box for sending me this awesomeness and if you fancy subscribing yourself you can do so here.

My Geek Box October 2015

*Includes Samples

Next Lingerie Event | Lifestyle

It's been such a long time since I've had the courage to go to an event so when Next invited me to their lingerie event I couldn't want to attend. For such a long time it turns out I had actually been wearing the wrong bra size, but thanks to Next and their amazing measuring technique which involves no tape measures, in fact you don't even have to take off your bra! Which for those of you who are self conscious like me this is the perfect way to get measured. Until the event I wasn't aware of the huge collection of lingerie that Next offers for all sizes and prices which makes my bank balance happy as I can treat myself to some nice bits without spending a lot of money like in some other shops.

When I arrived at the event I was told a breakdown of the evening whilst being offered a glass of champagne followed by lots of canap├ęs and a lovely hand massage! Whilst at the event I met a blogger who I've been wanting to meet for a long time despite us living in the same time and I am pretty sure you've heard of Amelia and if you haven't you need to totally check out her blog. We had an amazing chat about things and it was great to finally chat to some bloggers once again, I finally got to saw Katrina again after such a long time and also meet some other fab bloggers. I really enjoyed the Next event and the fact it was quite a small event made it a lot better as I feel very anxious around a lot of people. I want to say thank you to Next for gifting me a gorgeous set which I have been wearing lots and it's super comfy and also to go and check out your local Next.

PS. You should get your boobs measured every 6 months! 

Gift Ideas For Beauty Lovers | Seasonal

Urban Decay Vice 4
If you read my blog a lot you'll already know I adore this palette as I have reviewed it here but this year I've been into bright colours and when this palette came out, I knew it had to be mine. Filled with 20 exclusive shades, it is perfect for any beauty lover especially ones who love experimenting. I love all things bright so this perfect for me. As an extra bonus it comes with an adorable bag and then also the case of the palette itself. It's a must buy for anyone loves pretty eyeshadow.

Anatomicals Hangover Set
We all have that one friend who always get terrible hangovers and just moans and cries about it for days, when looking on ASOS I saw this amazing set from Anatomicals and it has all the perfect things to cure a hangover minus a fry up. I love this little set as it's super thoughtful and perfect if you're doing a secret santa and don't know the person too well.

James Bond 007 Perfume
As most of you may know a new James Bond film has recently come out, meaning there is a huge hype around James Bond. I bought this perfume because for the price, the smell and the bottle it just was a win in my eyes. With a 50ml bottle only costing £30.00, it's a total steal. If you're loved one loves James Bond and a strong scent this is perfect for them.

Too Faced Chocolate Palette
This is on my wishlist and has been for ages, everytime I walk past it in Debenhams I have to resist the urge to purchase it as it's so amazing. It smells like chocolate and has the prettiest colours inside, this palette is more natural so perfect for those who aren't as daring as the Vice 4, it's also an amazing starter palette as it's full of different colours to create amazing looks.

Benefit Like A Rockstar Set
You knew Benefit would make it in here right? Every Christmas they bring out something amazing, this year being the Like A Rockstar set filled with amazing items such as Porefessional and the They're real mascara, it's a perfect kit for anyone looking to try benefit on more of a budget or for those who are looking for a variety of products to try. I love the price of this set as much as the products as it is £29.00 which is outta this world!

What beauty gifts are you lusting after? 

Does Christmas HAVE to be expensive? | Seasonal

It's November, which of course means the seasonal adverts are starting to rear their heads. Every year it is a battle between the giants of the business world to make the best adverts which of course means a huge budget. Each year John Lewis is usually at the top creating something super meaningful and it also always looks amazing and this year is not different, with their advert addressing loneliness in the elderly which of course is something which is worse around Christmas- I have to admit the advert had me welling up, how sad does that man look *heart break*. Although the advert is amazing, it drew my attention to the fact that John Lewis signifies money at Christmas time along with lots of other companies and really we have to remember it's not all about the money, it's more about the time of year and spending time with loved ones. My Voucher Codes recreated the John Lewis AD with a fraction of the budget (£700 if you're interested) and I think it portrays an equally as important message, if you fancy viewing the advert and I'd recommend it you can do here.

The message of the My Voucher Codes video is that Christmas doesn't have to expensive, in fact it doesn't even have to be about money. In my opinion I love the idea of Christmas and it being about family, decorations, the weather and just the fact that everyone is just that much more happy in the run up to Christmas (unless you work in retail, then maybe not). Christmas is just something that brings out happiness in people and I love that. I am one of those people who never really understood what Christmas was really about until recently and when you think about how much some people have and how little others have it really puts it into prospective, we are really damn lucky.

I can't wait for Christmas and the run up to the big day, along with all of that amazing food and not forgetting the amazing seasonal drinks which are around at the moment, mhmmm.

What is important to you about Christmas? 

The Body Shop Spa Of The World Range | Beauty

It's no secret that I am in love with The Body Shop and their huge amazing ranges of products, I think started to love their products when I received my first body butter years ago, since then they've developed what they sell massively and reaching out to many other people including this year they have launched their vitamin e range and also their green tea range. But their most recent and my favourite is their Spa Of The World Range. I first heard about this when I went to an event a couple of months ago, I learnt lots of information as well as trying out some of their amazing products. I was recently sent some of them to review, which made me super happy as I've been wanting to try them for a while and just haven't got around to trying them. The products which I got sent were the African Ximenia Scrub, the French Lavender Massage Oil and the Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay. I couldn't wait to dig in and try the products, and I thought I would share with you, my views on them:

French Lavender Massage Oil:
This is the product I have used the least out of the three simply because a massage usually requires another person. but I have used it and think it is lush. It smells so strongly of lavender but I am surprised at how much I enjoyed it, I love the fact that you can enjoy a lovely massage and then not feel sticky after as it leaves you feeling nice and also very relaxed. For £14.00 you get 160ml of the oil so it will be long lasting product and perfect for those who need a good pamper and a lovely present for a friend who also is in need of a pamper.

Himalayan Charcoal Body Clay:
This is the product I have most wanted to try after having a demo of it at the event I attended, I love the way to made my skin feel so clean more than any soap can. I love to apply this before a bath, then let it dry and get into the bath and you can scrub it off which leaves you feel clean and fresh when you get out of the bath. To me it just reminds me of a face mask which is perfect for your body and leaves you feeling soft and lush after applying. If you have ever tried a clay face mask, you'll get a similar sensation from this, except it is on your body. If you are looking for a quick pamper I would recommend applying to your arms and legs, but for a full pamper go all out get a glass of wine, apply a face mask and get in the bath and make a night of it. Well worth the £16.00 that this product costs, and I would happily repurchase it.

African Ximenia Scrub: 
I think The Body Shop have gone all out of with this next product, which I have fallen crazy in love with, this is a body scrub but it feels on a different level to any I have tried previously from any of their ranges. First off the packaging looks luxurious and the pot is massive perfect for many scrubs. I am addicted to scrubbing my skin as it gives it a great soft feeling after and it removes all of the dead skin and also keeps my skin clear from acne. It is basically the same process as what you would do when you do a face scrub except from on a bigger scale. I am thinking of investing in a different head for my magnitone so I can use it on my body too. The scrub comes in at £18.00 for 350ml which may seem pricey but it is totally worth it for a good ole scrub. 

16 things I love about Autumn | Lifestyle

It's been autumn for a while now and I am yet to share an autumn themed post with you lovelies, so I thought today I would change that and kick it off by sharing 16 things I love about autumn. I hope you enjoy and let me know what you love about autumn!

1. The leaves all around 
2. The colours
3. The warm jumpers
4. Halloween
5. Bonfire night

6. Toasted marshmallows
7. Starbucks seasonal range
8. Hot drinks
9. Big chunky boots
10. Dark lipstick

11. Heavier makeup
12. Blankets
13. Hot water bottles
14. Conkers
15. Colder weather
16. Darker nights

Tweezerman Ambassador + Review | Beauty

You may know or not know that Tweezerman has an amazing ambassador programme for bloggers and youtubers, where they get to try out all of the new releases and review them. I recently signed up and was approved and was told one of their gifts was on the way to me, and I was super surprised when an amazing eyebrow and nail kit arrived at my door in a cute little pouch, like they have in salons. I was overwhelmed by the products and what they do, so I took to the internet and did some research on some of the products as well as reading the guide which came with the kit. 

In the kit there is: 
-A pair of eyebrow scissors
-3 super bright nail files
-Toe nail clippers 
-Finger nail clippers 
-A cuticle nipper 
-Tweezermans slant tweezers (these are a keeper) 
-A brow mousse 
-Folding lash comb 
-Eyelash curlers (completely forgot to photograph them) 
-Eyebrow brush
-A cuticle pusher and cleaner 

I dug straight into fixing my eyebrows as they were well over due and I found it amazing to use scissors and now I have the perfect pair, as well as their slanted tweezers which have a lot better grip and remove hair a lot quicker than normal as it pulls out a few at a time, leaving your brows looking in shape. The brow mousse isn't something I have ever tried, but I don't know how I managed without it before this as it's amazing and keeps my brows in place, I was expecting a coloured formula as that is what I have had with previous products, but the fact it is clear actually makes it feel free and you can't feel the product. I love that with this kit it is easy to touch up your brows on a daily basis, keeping them in check.

As far as nails go, the kit for them is equally as amazing, I am in love with the bright nail files, and they're pretty heavy duty as I've known some nail files just to collapse whilst being used but these are perfect for filing. Next is the clippers, I don't often cut my finger nails as I like them to grow but these were perfect for giving them a little trim. The toe nail clippers are exceptional, most clippers are multi use and no where near good enough for toe nails, but these are perfect and it cuts them in a nice shape. I am yet to brave the cuticle nipper as I know I'll end up cutting half of my finger off (that's just me) and finally the cuticle pusher is game changing, it makes my nails bigger and also more even which is perfect, although it hurts a little the first time you do it, it's worth sticking with it.

If you fancy signing up to the programme you can do here link

Urban Decay Vice 4 First Impressions | Beauty

Sat in front of me is one of the most gorgeous eyeshadow palettes I own, and I am over the moon to be sharing it with you lovelies as from what I have tried so far it is one of my favourite palettes by Urban Decay yet. If you have no idea what I am talking about, I am talking about the Vice 4 which came out quite recently in the UK. I am a huge fan of all things Urban Decay and there is no hiding that, owning every one of their Naked Palettes and some of their other products such as Primer and Mascara but as far as eyeshadow goes I am yet to be let down by one of their palettes. I thought I would bring you a first impressions post, followed by a full review with all of the shades and also some make-up looks ready for the holiday season.

Urban Decay Vice 4

The palette itself is a limited edition one with all of the shades inside limited to that particular palette when I opened the packaging I was super happy with the gorgeous bag which it comes with and I will probably use it as a travel bag for other products. I was in love with outside of the palette, at first sight, it's so vibrant and pretty and definitely is an eye-catcher. When I opened up the palette the first thing I noticed was the giant mirror, which is perfect for doing your makeup with along with the mixture of colours within the palette. Inside the Vice 4 is 20 shades all of which are completely different from any of their palettes I have seen previously. The shades within the palette are a mix of glitter, metallic and matte, ranging from browns, a mix of orange, green and even a lovely bright purple shade. For those who love creating stand out looks or love to add a bit of colour to their every day looks this is the palette for you, my favourite shades within the palette are 1985, Beat Down, Flame and Fast Ball and although they are quite out there, I love that about them and they will compliment darker shades such as brown and black well.

Urban Decay Vice 4

When trying the shadows, like all Urban Decay products they are long lasting and look amazing. With each application I find myself being more creative with the colours and mixing them up, as well as experimenting with some of my previous Naked Palettes and also adding water to make them more thick and easy to apply as liners. I am in love with this palette and if you fancy treating a loved one to one for Christmas you can purchase them directly from the Urban Decay website or click here.

Urban Decay Vice 4

Urban Decay Vice 4

Ways To Make Money Online | Lifestyle

Usually my posts on how to make or save money go down pretty well, so I decided today I would share another one with you lovelies, today on how to make money online and of course as always these are just suggestions and things which I have read online and some of them I have tried myself personally. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments for other blogs to save themselves a few quid.

Online Surveys:
This is one I've personally tried and found it to work pretty well, what it consists of is completing a fair few surveys and usually getting money in vouchers to spend online. In the past I have received Amazon ones which can be quite handy, especially with Christmas coming up. I know that a lot of people find doing surveys annoying as you have to do a fair few to make it worthwhile but it can be an easy way to make money.

Write an E book: 
I have seen this pop up a lot more regularly, and if you have a talented which others can benefit from why not sell it on Amazon/Kindle I know of bloggers who have made books on blogging which is pretty amazing, not only do you benefit from some amazing content, you also help a fellow blogger.

Get cash back when shopping:
This is one I need to start doing as I am forever online shopping (oops), I've heard from several bloggers that it is an amazing way to make money. Every time you shop a certain store, they give you a certain percentage back in cash back on the websites I looked into like Quidco and Top Cash Back you can earn up to 10% on one purchase, now that's pretty sweet.

Online betting: 
I am aware this one isn't for everyone, but others really enjoy it. With lots more things going online every year than ever before that includes different formats of online gambling such as slots and bingo. You never know you could put a little in and get a lot back and some sites even offer a free game or two. I've also come across free slot sites recently, which are amazing for fun and also gaining money.

Online Selling:
This one involves a lot more effort than the rest, but great if you need a good clear out. Selling your old things which you no longer need such as clothes and CDs is a great way to get a little money in your back pocket. There is also other sites than just Ebay, like Depop and other equivalents.

Sell Your Services Online: 
Now this a lot less dodgy than what it sounds, what I mean by this is selling your skills online to customers who may struggle in that field. For example, making web designs for small business owners, or writing an article for someone. It is usually lower pay than what you would get in the real world, but it is great to make a few extra quid and some people make a lot of money.

*Sponsored Post

YooHoo! Mail Review | Lifestyle

I was recently offered the chance to review an amazing Stationery subscription box from a fellow blogger Daisy and her lovely mum Gemma. The subscription service is called YooHoo! Mail and for £12.00 (plus £2 P+P) you get a load of amazing stationery goodies, including cards and prints. I love sharing little businesses with you lot as it gives you an idea of the amazing talent out there. Gemma has designed all of the items in the box herself, *super talented alert* and I was overwhelmed with happiness when it arrived as it was full of cuteness, and bright colours. I am in love with the designs on the greeting cards as they are super unique and you can't get them anywhere else. They're perfect for my stash as I am rubbish at getting cards for birthdays. The envelopes are also super bright, which makes me feel happy as I am addicted to bright colours. I think it's an amazing idea, and a total must have for any blogger as I am yet to come across a blogger who doesn't LOVE stationery. Yep, total addict right here! As well as cards the box contains gorgeous prints which are ready to be framed and popped on the wall, and also postcards which I will probably put on the wall also. I think Gemma has done amazing so well, and I wish her the best of luck in her business venture.

What are your thoughts on the box? 

Corkers Crisps Review | Food

I love food, it's like my favourite thing on this earth minus my friends and family of course! I was recently sent a box of Corkers Crisps to review and I was very excited as the only thing better than food is of course free food and I love crisps, I have a particular love of sea salted crisps, oh and monster munch are pretty fab too. When the box arrived on my door step it was full of different flavoured crisps some of which I am yet to hear of anywhere else. I found the packaging awesome as it was colour and looked classic, and the crisps themselves are something else all together (In a good way of course) and I am happy that it's a bag of crisps rather than a bag of air which you can often find with some other brands. The crisps have an amazing crunchy texture which I love about 'posh' crisps as they aren't a bag of crushed up mess so overall a lovely taste with a texture, now on to the flavours!

So the first flavours I thought I would write about are the normal flavours, which are the Sea Salt and Cider Vinegar, Red Leicester and Onion and also the Sea Salted. These were the ones I went for first as I love anything sea salted as it just sounds posh and tastes lush. Out of the three sea salted were my favourite just because although they're the most simple, I just enjoy them the most. I found the Red Leicester and Onion flavour to be the strongest, but in a good way, although I am assuming they are based off of cheese and onion, I find them 100 times more satisfying as the flavour is prominent and the crunchy texture just adds to my love of them.

Next on to the 'posh' crisps, although they are all relatively posh but these flavours to me just feel extra posh the flavours are Gressingham Duck and Hoisin Sauce and Mixed Veg Crisps. I have heard of Gressingham duck from when I worked at Sainsburys as it was frequently bought so this made me feel the crisp flavour was posh also, due to being a vegetarian I decided to steer away from these crisps and give them to my housemate who said that they are lush which is always good. The mixed veg crisps seemed more like something I would enjoy as the flavour sounds like it will be amazing and full of goodness, and I was not disappointed the crisps were a mix of Carrot, Sweet Potato, Beetroot and Parsnip which just happen to be my favourite vegetables (minus sprouts!) and I am hoping to purchase some more of this flavour as I've never tasted any like them.

Finally we have unique flavoured crisps (or so I am calling them) and these are Sweet Thai Chilli, Sea Salt and Black Pepper and the one I found the strangest was Pork Sausage and English Mustard. As far as the sweet Thai chilli crisps went down I also passed them on to someone else as I am not a fan of anything chilli, but they once again were adored. Next were the lovely sea salt and black pepper crisps which are like a dream, they taste so good and yummy, I love the added addition of black pepper as it gives it an extra kick. Lastly was another flavour I sadly had to pass on which was the pork sausage and mustard flavour once again, being a vegetarian these crisps just weren't for me. 

Would you buy Corkers crisps?