Yankee Candle Christmas Edition

As you may know from previous posts, I am a huge fan of Yankee Candle and have written various reviews of their collections in the past (if you fancy a read of those you can read about the Out in Africa range here and the Pure Essence collection here) I am super excited about their latest range which is all about their Christmas Candles which not only means Winter is in the near future it also means it's near Christmas YAY! I love Christmas and everything about it, from wrapping presents, to the food, it's my favourite time of year and I was so happy when I was sent their Christmas candles allowing me to get into the spirit early. As I usually do when I review candles, I shall write a bit about each under their picture so you get to know a bit more about the scent and it gives you a bit more info about them in case you fancy a sneaky purchase yourself. 

Cosy By The Fire: 
On first smell I'd say this candle smells like cola which is strange as I am not sure what it has to do with being by the fire but when the candle is actually lit you get the smell of burning wood along with a deep smell of ginger along with orange which smells lush and definitely takes you to a day of burning logs on the wood fire. Although this isn't my kind of scent I think it is perfect for those who like quite a strong smell.

Cosy by the fire 2015 winter collection Yankee Candle

Berry Trifle: 
Hands down my favourite fragrance out of the four and the candle itself is lush, with a glittery red coloured candle and the picture on the front takes me to another place, so pretty. The candle smells strongly of berries mixed with vanilla and is the perfect candle for those who love sweet scents, I would happily repurchase this one throughout the winter period as it's my perfect candle.

Berry Triffle Winter Collection 2015

Bundle Up:
The name of this candle just takes me to a Christmas-sy place, where everyone is wrapped up warm after playing in the snow, sounds like a dream. I like the fact it is a green candle also as it ties very well into the Christmas theme. To me the candle smells like fresh washing, like when you just take it out of the machine and I am happy with that smell so this is perfect. It smells very fresh and quite a light scent which is perfect for all day burning.

Bundle Up Yankee Candle 2015

Winter Glow:
I love white candles as I am instantly taken to a happy place, as it reminds me of snow and clouds. This candle is refreshing and always leaves me wanting more of it, the smell reminds me of being outside and of snow and it's really hard to explain what it actually smells like. So if you like refreshing scents I'd recommend this one to you, and as it's a wintery one it's perfect for those cold evenings and on the run up to Christmas.

Winter Glow Yankee Candle 2015

Are you going to buy any of the Winter collection? 

*PR samples, all opinions 100% honest