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I have noticed an increase of new bloggers around which makes me super happy, as it's always to read new blogs and talk to the bloggers behind them. A few of my friends I have recently asked me a few things about blogging and how to go about it, and anyone who asks me I'd tell them to do it. I love what it has done for my life and I know it can do the same to plenty of others. First off though, if you are considering starting a blog for the freebies, I wouldn't bother as they don't come overnight. So when starting a blog, my first start point would be to think of a name whether that comes to you tomorrow or in two months, you'll know when it's the right one and it's totally worth finding one out before you start everything up. I would totally advise buying your domain as soon as you start as a lot of companies now look for DA and if you want to work with companies, it's worth building it up as soon as possible.

 Blogging does take a lot of time up, so if you are very busy person (not to say busy people can't blog) it may not be for you. Blogging consists of photos, writing, editing, blogger chats, events etc, which are very time consuming and a lot of people struggle to keep up with everything which is going on, so sometimes a busy schedule blocks you from blogging. My next piece of advice would be, you don't have to have a niche, people make out that you need to know exactly what type of blog you're going to run e.g. beauty, but honestly I don't think people know for a while what they plan on doing, I started out beauty focused and now I am more lifestyle than anything, sometimes blogging itself helps with that. I will confess that when I started my blog I was hoping for a huge following within weeks, and lots of views and it doesn't work that way, it takes time, but that's okay and it's totally worth it. A blog layout is well worth investing your money into, you may have the best writing in the world, but if your layout is off, people will be turned off reading, boo. So to fix that problem, get a nice and clear blog layout ready for reading.

If you stop loving blogging, just take a break, people assume taking a break means you're not passionate about blogging anymore, but it totally doesn't mean that at all, it just means that you need a break which is totally okay. I think it's important to have inspirations and admire to be like them but do not copy that person, you won't be that person and copying won't get you anywhere, be yourself, everyone else is already taken. Last of all, have fun with it! It's your space on the internet to do whatever you want to do with it, why not make it into something awesome.
Olivia Thristan

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