Shopping for Energy

When moving into a student house I had no idea about prices of which bills cost and where is the best place to go. There are new providers popping up in every direction and everyone has the best deal for us, but which one really does have the best deal? Confusing right? Being a student can make me quite naive about what prices are worthwhile and which are totally out of order. After searching around and finding a company who offers to do your bills for you and you just pay them a set amount a month and thinking that was an amazing deal, but after speaking to our landlord who actually turned around and said they were ripping us off big time, it was back to the drawing board.

Being students money is usually tight as we are all on our student loans so finding the best deals is key, we found out the bill which was costing us the most is electricity so we looked decided to shop around and see what deals were out there, after taking to several money comparison sites and remembering that a free stuffed animal toy wasn't what was important we actually came across a website called Go Energy Shopping which is full of useful tips and guides to finding the best provider and tells you the best ways to get the cheapest deal out there. This is helpful for people like myself and other university students who are pretty much clueless when it comes to paying the best deal for your bills. What I enjoyed about the site is the fact it is bright and broken down into more easy to understand sections and it even has a glossary of words which are helpful to understand I mean what even is a "dead tariff"?! If you are interested in reading the site you can do here (students, do it, do it now). One of my favourite features about the site is the fact that there is a page just for finding comparison sites which I found useful as I only know about two and I am pretty sure they're same two everyone knows, click here for a list of comparison sites.

Moving into your new place with your friends is a bunch of fun but it is important to sort out your bills and make sure that everything is in place as I know people who have ended up paying £1000s on their electric for not looking around properly which is not what you want when money is tight! Although it seems like a pain now, you'll totally thank yourself in the long run of things when your money is good and you are on top of all of the bills!

* In Collaboration With Go Energy Shopping