Prairie Charms Luau Party

I was recently sent a box of lovely goodies from the adorable company who you may have heard of as they are around twittering a lot Prairie Charms. if you haven't they are a company who make everything lovely from super cute bespoke headbands to adorable hair bows. They have recently started selling subscription boxes and the most recent one was a Luau party and the box came with some adorable things inside. First off, it came with a bag of purple glitter which to me is just amazing, I'd love to cover my room in glitter but I don't think my boyfriend would like it too much. The second thing I noticed was the gorgeous bespoke headband which is so bright and pretty, I am not too sure I could personally pull it off, but I am sure one of my friends could! Also within the box was some super cute straws, and if you know me well you'll know I actually collection paper straws, yep I'm weird so I added these straight to the collection! The other items which were in the box included, a mini Hershey's bar, a shell hair clip, a super cute anklet, toasted coconut marshmallows, two hair bands and a balloon which came with a huge amount of cute confetti to fill it with! I think Prairie Charms have got this box nailed, as I haven't seen any other subscription box like it. They also sell their pieces singular on their website and if you fancy a look check it out here!