My Week In Pictures #1

I have to admit it is not often that I can do one of these posts as I don't tend to do much in the week apart from going to university as I tend to have periods of time where I feel unable to go out. But as I've had a pretty busy week, and taken a fair few pretty pictures I thought I would share with you what I have been up to this week. 

Where have I been? 
This week I have attended an awesome event at Next in Birmingham with more information in a new post to follow, which is where the cute pic of food in the top right-hand corner came from as well as the bra in the bottom line of pics. I found out some super interesting info about bras and how important it is to get fitted regularly. After this me and Luke went out for some food at Bella Italia where we had these adorable little warm bread battons and garlic dip as well as a huge ice cream sundae which we both loved. On Friday my lush order also came filled with amazing Christmas goodies which I am super excited to dig into, as well as this I have a giveaway for you lovelies to win some amazing lush goodies which you can enter here. 

What have I been doing? 

As well as this I have been to university where I have learnt some pretty interesting stuff and I have to create my own app (well design one anyways) and create a promo video for it, I also had an awesome business lecture learning about the different ways to market online which is totally down my street. I also have ordered a Dominoes Pizza which was lush and some of their amazing cookies as well as eating a ton of chocolate for certain reasons haha and also trying to increase how much water I drink as well as re-dying my dip dyed hair a bright pink yay. 

I hope you've had a fab week and I would love to know what you've been up to!