My Favourite Places To Eat In Florida

I promised more travel posts on my blog, so here they are! I decided to start with a bit of a post which is also related to my favourite thing, FOOD! I decided to do a bit of a list of places which everyone should try when in Florida (if you are planning on visiting the states in the next few months). I thought I would start by saying the pictures in this post don't belong to me as I wasn't clever enough to take any last year when I went for a visit.

My all time favourite place to eat when I am in the states, so much yummy grub at Denny's and I am sitting here in a pile of my own drool at the thought of eating there once again. I remember having eggs, toast and a stack of pancakes for my breakfast everyday and despite the fact if I lived there and would gain about 50 stone if I did that everyday, it sounds SO good. Although I did occasionally eat there in the evenings it's not my kinda place for dinner food.

Now this is my kind of dinner place, Sweet Tomatoes is perfect for vegetarians like me, it's basically a restaurant with a HUGE salad bar and you pay on your way in for unlimited salad and you can just keep going which is pretty impressive and it's amazing for those who want a healthier option. There is also bread and cake too, which is always a bonus.

BEST PLACE EVER and that is a fact. I love pancakes and in IHOP (international house of pancakes) you can eat a ton of pancakes with lots of syrup on, which is my perfect meal anytime of the day, followed by a gorgeous strawberry shake, topped with cream. They are also the best pancakes around, don't miss out on such awesomeness.

I am a sucker when it comes to Italian food so it was a no brainer when it came to visiting Olive Garden, I love pasta and anything which has garlic sticks with it. The portions are huge and well worth the money, and it was a change to actually find something which wasn't piled with meat.

The main words I would use to describe this is hell on earth, in a good way? Despite being super duper busy, the amount of food options there are to choose from is insane! I was very impressed with the dessert area where it was piled with various cakes, candy floss and ice cream. As well as unlimited food in other areas including salad again yay! Also chips, and other friend things which I love, can't go wrong.