Men have issues too!

*Warning* This post has a TW so if you feel you may be triggered by this post, I suggest avoiding it. You totally read this title right, and I am writing a post which is about being a man despite myself being a female. But it's something I keep seeing pop up on Facebook and other forms of social media and it's bugging me a little (a lot) when I keep seeing pictures like 'women go through this' and the list includes things like cheating, being heartbroken, anxiety, rape, abuse etc. This angers me, I am not sure what younger girls are taught but men can go through all of those things as well. Men suffer from anxiety and depression which is nowhere near as talked about as women.

I think this comes from the stigma of men have to be tough, and men need to be manly and grow some balls but that's not cool, men have issues too. I was happy in a way when Coronation Street decided to cover the story of a man going through abuse, noone believe that it was in fact his wife that was putting him through the abuse, people laughed that a man could get beaten up by a woman. But it happens, men do suffer abuse from their partners, and even sometimes their family. I am a woman and I am lucky that when I have been through mental health issues it's been a lot more okay for me to open up about it.

Sometimes I do think the fact that women have to go through pregnancy and a lot of women end up as single parents gets thrown back at men, but what about those men who are also single parents, and have to raise their children, although it may be more rare it still happens, and drives me insane that it's not shown, just because they don't carry the baby personally doesn't mean that they can't deal with similar issues. The final point of this post is men being heartbroken and cheated on, just because SOME men cheat on women doesn't mean ALL men are cheats. Men suffer heartbreak, get dumped, get left it happens. Just because women are more vocal about and men tend to keep to themselves it gives them more of a bad name, I have had a several of my male friends of whom this is happened to, but it kind of gets laughed off or ignored, why can't men get the same support the females get?

 The rate of which men are taking their own lives is raising, doesn't that show something to people? That they are struggling too! I feel that men having anxiety is over looked, men have the same mental health issues which females have but usually don't talk about it, which leaves them in a lot worse place, which is awful. I am edging people today, to talk to a male in their life and respect that they have the same issues as females, when I wrote this post I am not blaming all females some females are great and understand men do have issues, but some overlook this. Please take the time to understand men are human too and suffer like we do.