Hugo Boss Runaway Edition Review

One of my favourite things ever is being featured on the blog today, perfume. I love perfume and I own so many from bottles, to body sprays I love them all.  Today I thought I would review the Hugo Boss Runaway Edition perfumes for you lovelies just so you can get a feel for them and see if you'd purchase them yourselves. With there being three perfumes, it gives you a variety of choice from within the collection and the bottles also made me drawn to them as they're different styled women on the bottles and also on the packaging. The three perfumes from the Runaway edition are Nuit, Jour and Ma Vie. I hope you enjoy my review and find yourself a new favourite perfume. 

Hugo Boss Runaway Edition

As soon as I smelt this perfume it reminded me of an evening out and sophistication, it's a lovely dominant perfume which is perfect for wearing on a night out. I love the fact it smells girly and classy as well as the beautiful bottle I think also draws more class to it. I would happily wear this perfume all of the time and it is my favourite out of the three. The fragrance is made from the sweet smells of a bouquet like Jasmine and also has a fruity feel to it. The perfume is long lasting and has you covered for the long night ahead.

Nuit Hugo Boss Runaway Edition

Ma Vie:
I love Ma Vie and was addiction from the first smell, it reminds me a of a very girly scent and one that smells lush and upmarket. The fragrance is made from rose and blossom which is a perfect girly mix and amazing for those who love a strong fragrance, this is the sort of fragrance I would wear on a day to day basis and reminds me of the smell which you are greeted with when you ponder into a perfume shop. If you are a fan of sweet smelling perfumes this one is definitely the one for you.

Ma Vie Hugo Boss Runaway Edition

To me Jour reminds me of a less dominant version of Nuit which to me seems perfect for just your average day perfume, I think once applied it leaves a gorgeous scent throughout the day and it's one that isn't overbearing so it's perfect for those who like a more subtle perfume. The perfume is made up of sparking citrus with a hint of blossom which is where the lovely relaxing smell comes from, this perfume is claimed to create the perfect mood for your day ahead and I have to agree.

Jour Hugo Boss Runaway Edition

The only thing I would say about this range of perfume is  I think Jour and Ma Vie should be swapped with their packaging as I feel they are more suited to the other packaging as that's what the scent reminds me of, other than that I am a huge fan of this collection and would advice it as the perfect present for a loved one (or even yourself)

Would you purchase any Hugo Boss perfumes?