#HiddenGems of Birmingham: The Custard Factory

I was recently contacted by the lovely people of Talented Talkers in regards to their latest campaign with Travelodge sharing all of the hidden gems within Birmingham. As I live about 25 minutes out of from Birmingham it has always been my go-to place to shop, eat and even hang out (when I was 15) and I've also attended many events there too. When I was asked to think of a hidden gem in Birmingham it came to me immediately:

The Custard Factory. If you haven't been before you are seriously missing out, full of quirky buildings and shops it's a place you need to visit at least once. There are lots of benches and I remember sitting by the waterfall they used to have 'back in the day', I like The Custard Factory because it's filled with independent shops and the outside is SO bright and instantly puts a smile on my face. As it's hidden away from the centre of Birmingham it's a little walk, but it's totally worth it and you'll know once you've arrived as it stands out!

The history of the Custard Factory is pretty self-explanatory as far as the custard factory part comes from, in 1837 Alfred Bird created a custard which was free from eggs and yeast as his wife was allergic, after feeding the custard to his customers who loved it he realized he could start a business and hired thousands to help make his creation and he ended up supplying to the British Soldiers at the end of WW1. After the war, the factory falls derelict, although the factory no longer produces Custard it has kept it's unique and fun charm for all of these years and now is the UKs most creative business spaces.

The Custard Factory is full to the brim with creativity and has a lot of amazing art to offer if you think this is the place for you, it's totally worth a visit and if you fancy visiting Birmingham Travelodge have 13 hotels to offer you.

Picture taken from The Custard Factory website- this photo does not belong to me.