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If you've been following my twitter you'll know I am currently trying to loose weight as well as doing more regular exercise, one of my biggest problems when it comes to weightloss is snacking I am forever popping downstairs and picking up a bag of crisps, or some chocolate which of course one isn't a great snack and two is not healthy nor is it going to help me with my weight loss. I was recently sent some lovely Pistachio nuts from Wonderful Pistachios and they're in many different flavours which is awesome as it's like a bag of crisps in nut form and they also provide other things which crisps don't like a good source of protein which being a vegetarian who is fussy I am probably lacking a lot of protein in my diet so this is amazing for me.

So the Pistachios come in the following flavours: Salted and Pepper, Roasted & Salted, Roasted No Salt and finally Sweet Chilli. If you know me well you'll know there is no way on this earth I was trying the Sweet Chill ones so I handed them over to Luke who demolished them in one serving and said they were amazing, I wanted to try the salted and pepper ones as they reminded me the most of a crisp flavour and I was pleasantly surprised, I was expecting them to possibly taste a bit boring but they tasted amazing! Not too salty nor too much pepper the taste was one I was happy with and I feel it could satisfy my crisp needs. Next I tried the salted ones on their own, to me they just tasted like anything which you have just salted like Ready Salted crisps, and although it's good on crisps I think the pepper makes the nuts and prefer the Salt and Pepper ones. Finally I tried the the no salted ones, which to me was just like the normal pistachios which are good for just a late night snack or when you fancy something plain. Overall I enjoyed these and would happily switch them up for my crisp habit, now just to find something to replace the chocolate with...

Do you like Pistachios? 
Olivia Thristan

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  1. I love pistachios. They are great to snack on and totally satisfy my cravings. These look great! Snacking is my downfall too. I need to have lots of healthy things to snack on or else I make poor choices