Halloween Looks EVERYONE can do!

I can't believe how quickly October has gone and we are now approaching Halloween if you haven't already planned your costume, or don't have the budget to get one or even if you are just terrible at Halloween looks I think this post will suit you. One Monday morning I took to the white face paint and got out some make-up which I didn't mind trashing including a few red lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette and of course black liner. At first I was going with a look which I failed to create so I decided to turn it into the joker and it went from there, and I would like to state I am not saying these looks are at all amazing or even good in the slightest, but I had fun creating them and that's all that counts right? I hope you lovelies enjoy my looks and have a fabulous Halloween.

The Joker: 
As I mentioned earlier, this look was supposed to be something completely different than what it turned out to be, but despite the length of time it took to get off of my face I am super happy with the end result. The way I created it was with a lot of black eyeliner and eyeshadow, some white face paint for the base and a hell load of red lipstick, and ta daaaaa.

A cat: 
Of course you can do this look how every you want as it's a pretty simple one, but I fancied doing some face make-up if I was to do this on Halloween I may of used white face paint also but as I did my previous look using it and it took forever to get off I decided against using it for this one. For this I used eyeliner on my nose (weird I know) eyeshadow on my eyes, eyeliner again for my whiskers and then a red lipsticks for the lips, I maybe should of done a pink nose but I love the effect of the black so I am happy with how this turned out. I also used eyeliner on my eyebrows as I didn't have a black eyebrow pencil or mascara and I wanted it to be black.

A skull: 
Again the white face paint would of been used, but I didn't fancy applying it again. For this I just decided to keep it simple by using black liner on the nose again (which needed more coverage as I can now see) and also for the lips, I decided to go for the sealed mouth look as I think it looks better and then similar to the joker go around my eyes with black eyeshadow. 

What is your favourite easy Halloween look to do?