Gadgets I'd Have In My House If Money Was No Object!

A bit of a fun post on my blog today, and I am super excited to share it with you lovelies, I know that my wishlist styled posts tend to go down quite well so I am hoping this is another which you will enjoy. I was having thoughts about money and this idea popped into my head, of gadgets I'd have in my house if money was no object and it was fun to dream and create this for you guys to see what I'd have, I'd love to see some of your wishlists and choices so do leave your link below if you do the same post!

A 4K TV: 
Being a film student, I hear 4K mentioned a lot and the reason for this is, it is the future of TV and film. 4K is an outta this world experience where it is 4x the definition of HD, meaning it has such in depth quality. Panasonic have a super useful source on their website sharing the true meaning of 4K take a look here. I'd love one of these in my house as I'd never have to go to the cinema again (unless I wanted to watch a brand new film of course!)

An Ice Cream Maker: 
An actual machine that makes proper Ice Cream in the comfort of your own home, is actually beyond cool! I am a huge Ice Cream addict so I think this would be perfect for myself and also my ice cream loving friends and also I could make my favourite flavour on tap! (Bubblegum)

A Crazy Expensive Coffee Machine: 
A coffee machine which actually grinds up the beans for you, and it reminds me a little of the one they have in Starbucks, I think having a coffee machine itself is pretty amazing but this one is just perfect for the unlimited money at $600!

A Robotic Bar Tender: 
A super cool idea which every person clearly needs in their house and if it didn't cost 25 thousand dollars I am pretty sure most people would have them, this amazing machine makes any drink you fancy in a matter of minutes, which saves you doing all of the confusing measurements and mixing!

What gadgets would you buy? 

* In collaboration with Panasonic.