Bloggers Come Dine With Me

Recently I was asked to participate in one of the most fun campaigns I am yet to do with the lovely Think Money Group and that campaign was a Come Dine With Me styled meal. The way in which it was done was I was supplied with a budget to sort out food and entertainment just like the show and I had to host a meal for my friends. I instantly had ideas buzzing around my head, and as I and one of the guests I was inviting is vegetarian I decided to base the menu off of that. As my guests aren't huge eaters bar one I decided I wouldn't make a starter instead I would go for some crisps and dips ready to nibble on.

Following this I decided I would make a Quorn shepherds pie served with mixed veg and for dessert, I went for a gorgeous cheesecake. I invited my guests to arrive for 7:30pm were waiting for them was the crisps and dip, I put music on whilst I made the final touches to dinner and dished it up, by 8:00pm everyone was tucking into my food which I got high ratings on as my friends didn't actually believe I could cook. Before dessert I decided to crack out the entertainment which was a game of Trivial Pursuits (which I had previously bought the day before) which lasted for a good hour, following this I served dessert with whipped cream and we had some drinks. Overall I think the night went amazingly well, and I somehow managed not to mess anything up *it's a miracle* I would happily host a dinner party as it gets everyone together and eating is one of my favourite things to do!

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