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I am in love hair products at the moment, I happen to be buying more for my hair than for my face which is strange for me as I am forever picking up new beauty products. I recently ran out of my expensive shampoo that I was using so it seemed like the right time to get some more, as I like to vary the different products I try and use different ones dependant on my mood / the mood of my hair! Bed Head by TIGI has been a brand I've been aware of for a long time, I have purchased their products in the past as you can get HUGE bottles in TKmaxx and also buy them on Feel Unique and I have never been disappointed by one of their products as they are always long lasting, leave my hair feeling amazing and also smell lush. 

I have recently been dying my hair a lot, so it was perfect timing to try a deep conditioner which I picked up from the TIGI Resurrection Range. Bleaching and dying your hair can be damaging to your hair, along with using heat (which I tend to do most days, oops) so a good deep conditioning is great for your hair. I love this product because it's easy to apply, when in the shower I scoop out a fair bit in the centre of my hand (I have long and thick hair by the way) and run it through the ends of my hair, never my fringe or top of my hair as it leaves it feeling greasy for weeks. Then do something else in the shower, like shave or cleanse my face whilst I give it 5-10 minutes to be in my hair which tends to do the trick, I like to do this on a weekly basis as it gives me soft and lovely smelling hair for days. When I don't use this I tend to just use a normal conditioner or there is another daily one from the same range if you are looking for something just as good.

Along with the deep conditioner, I purchased a new shampoo from the same range my hope for this product is that it makes my hair stronger after all of the things I've done to it lately, as well giving a good clean and leave me feeling fresh. I am super happy with this product, within a matter of days my hair started to feel better and stronger making it easier to style and also helps keep it clean for a lot longer than other shampoos which I have tried in the past, so yay! I would totally purchase this range over and over as it leaves my hair feeling happy and me even happier.  

Olivia Thristan

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