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It's been four months and my candy hauls are still going strong, yay, for the next few months I have teamed up with the lovely people from Taffy Mail who are the UK's only Amercian Candy subscription box. They offer an amazing subscription box where you can pick the size of yours based on the amount of money you want to pay, which I think is great as some people want to pay less than others. I am currently reviewing their classic box which has 10-14 amazing items including a can of pop and lots of other yummy goodies. As there as so many goodies in the box I decided not to include individual pics of each, just some that looked cool from their packaging, but everything is pictured below if you fancy, taking a look what was inside my box.

Hershey's Cookies n Creme: 
This has been a favourite of mine for some time, as it's simpler to get in the UK now and you will find it around a lot of shops, the flavour to me tastes like Oreo which is perfect, as I love Oreo, you get a seriously big bar as well and it's not even that high in calories. I am a huge fan of this and I shall be rating it 9/10.

Warheads Sour Chewy Cubes: 
When I bit into these, I expected pure sourness and was a little disappointed as they're not really sour at all, they're juicy and taste amazing but as they're not sour that ruins the product for me 4/10.

Sour Patch Kids:
These are something you can get in the UK, but from the states they come in a cool box and there appears to be more. Another product which claims it is sour and it's really not, but flavour wise these had a ton more flavour to them and I did enjoy them more so they get a higher rating than the chewy cubes! 6/10 for these.

Butterscotch Smoothie Peanut Butter Cups: 
So these taste like a cup of peanut butter, and I don't think they measure up to Reeces but I did find that they were bigger in size so you got more a peanut butter cup and I like the packaging I think the font is adorable. 6/10.

Goo Gum:
This product is from toxic waste and takes me back to being a young child again, with the outside being normal bubble gum flavour (yummy!) and the inside being a green slime which on the packet says it's sour and it actually is! Shock horror. I am not a fan of the sour middle though, not sure it goes well with bubble gum but a high rating for saying what it is on the packet. 7/10.

Chewy Lemonhead Redrific:
You may of seen in previous hauls (here) I LOVE lemonhead they have so many amazing products and they all taste amazing, and remind me of more cool flavoured jelly beans. I love the redirfic selection as I am one of those people who always goes for the red sweets within the packet so this is like a dream for me! 10/10.

Blue Razz Blow Lollies:
Okay this lolly is AMAZING and I wish I had of had a whole box filled with them, I love the overall flavour of them and how it turns your tongue blue *being 5 a again* and when you eat your way through the lolly you make it to an amazing chewy bubble gum centre, which to me is my fave and it makes the bubblegum taste like a lovely raspberry flavour. 9/10.

100 Grand: 
This is very similar to the a toffee crisp, and if you are a fan of them you will love this. I am not a fan of them, but my boyfriend loves them so I gave this to him, and he rates an 8/10 as he said it tastes like a less chocolately toffee crisp. I do like the name of this product though as I feel it gives it a luxurious feel.

A chocolate bar filled with amazing sweet and buttery toffee, what more can you ask from a chocolate bar? I loved this and if I found it around I would totally repurchase! 7/10.

I think Taffy Mail, have provided an amazing selection of goodies for this months box, and I think if you're looking for your American candy fix get on to their site. 

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  1. Love the photos, sooo colourful! I bet it's so fun trying out different sweets, I haven't really found any American sweets that I like tbh but I enjoyed reading this! X
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky