5 things people should talk about more.

I am writing this post to share with you, five things I think people should be able to talk about more openly and often. This are the sort of taboo topics that people are still too scared to address yet them happening to a lot of us, and even if it isn't personally happening to you I think it still needs to be talked about. I think these are issues that would help so many people if they are openly talked about rather than frowned upon. People are afraid to tell people personal things, and I obviously don't mean go to tell the person you sit next to on the bus your life story, but what about your friends and family? Why don't people talk about these issues with their friends and family. I am personally trying to break the stigma with the issues, talking very openly about them on my blog as well as with friends and family as I feel it is something that needs to change and people need to face are real issues and talk about them. So I thought I would share with you my five top subjects which everyone should talk about and not be ashamed.

1. Money
With this topic I don't literally mean go tell everyone the contents of your bank accounts or how much savings you have. I mean talk to people if you're struggling with money, tell them you don't know what to do, ask for tips on how they save. I know for many this is a huge pride thing why money isn't discussed but it shouldn't be, people shouldn't be embarrassed, not everyone has a high paid job, and that's ok. This reminds me of the episode of friends where Joey, Rachel and Phoebe have no money but won't open up about it and it leads to an argument. Sometimes it's okay to tell your friends the reason you can't hang out is because you're broke and not because your aunt who you haven't seen in five years is sick.

2. Sex
Yeah I said the S word.. and not that S word. Sex, is something that NEEDS to be spoke about, whether your 12 or 30 it should be spoke about. There is nothing wrong sitting down with your children and telling them about sex, in fact it's really important that they know the facts and what is okay and what isn't. I think it's key growing up to be open about it and not make it a frowned upon subject, because lets face it it happens, everyone does it and it's a real thing you can't hide away from! As adults I think it's okay to open about your sex life, it's normally seen as more of a female thing to do but people would be surprised about how little people talk about it in general.

3. Mental Health 
If you know me, you knew this one was going to be on here as a I am huge fan of being open about mental health and sharing with others as in my opinion sharing your story and your worries with others can help others, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. One day I hope people will realize it's an illness that can happen to anyone and it's not self inflict, if you're suffering don't suffer in silence, ask for help! Tell your friends and family, you're not feeling okay, let them help you. You don't need to be strong all of the time.

4. Sexual Abuse
This one is more of a sentive subject which does need to be approached with care, but I think it needs to be spoke about with people growing up, the rights and wrongs and that no means no. Also people need to be able to feel like they can talk to their friends if something like this happens, it's something to be ashamed of and it's not your fault, I hope people one day will be able to share their story and talk about this without being judged.

5. Sexuality 
In 2015, more accepted than ever but still something a lot of people are scared to talk about, I know people who are scared of coming out to their families in case of the reaction. Luckily it's a lot more accepted and common so the reactions are usually good ones, but if people are unsure about their sexuality they should be able to talk about it with people without being judged, it's okay to be unsure of who you are and your sexual orientation a lot of people are more confused than they admit.

What do you think needs to be talked about more?