Why Rape Is NEVER the fault of the Victim | Issues.

An issue that has recently been brought up after a well known rock star decided to claim women can sometimes be at fault as far as being raped concerned, which in my opinion is a disgusting and false statement! This was shortly followed by Loose Women who of course had an opinion on the subject as well as asking people to enter a poll on whether it can be a womans fault, which is disgusting. Rape is a crime, just the same as any other crime so why do people try pass the book to the victims themselves, you don't get people who are burgled being blamed so why is this any different? It's a serious issue and I think it's disgusting victims are being blamed, people who are victims often find it hard enough to speak up, in case of something like this happening and now it's likely that even less people will come forward and admit what has happened to them which is awful. 

No matter what women are wearing or what they are doing if they say no or do not want to have sex doesn't mean it's okay for people to carry on with it. If a woman is wearing a short dress and heels does that mean it's okay to abuse her? OF COURSE NOT. What a ridiculous statement, women can look nice and wear short clothing without that being their intention and I think it's so wrong that some people use this as their excuse. If a woman changes her mind, she has the right for it to not go any further, whether you've took her back to your house or whether you want to go further NO means NO. I recently read something online which made me think about this and it was "why teach women not to get raped and teach the men not to rape"which is so true, why are we still teaching women not wear short clothes, or go out after dark in the case of being attacked why can we not teach young men the meaning of no and why it's not okay to do things to a woman who doesn't want it. 

Another high amount of rape cases come from being drunk, most people will refuse to sleep with someone who is out of it out of respect for that person which I am glad to hear, but there a few people who will take advantage of someone when they are not in a fight state which makes me mad, how can you think that's okay to do? If they are drunk how can they know what they want, if someone is too drunk to stand up they are too drunk to consent to sex. It is often done by a friend who you trusted or even your partner which is a sad thing to have to say, but it's true. People assume rape is only done by strangers but it can be done by the ones closest to you and then it doesn't get seen in a bad light, but just because they are your other half they still have NO right to make you feel uncomfortable. I hope this post sheds some light on my views as well as gives people the confiedence to speak out and get help for what has happened to them. I wrote a previous post on 'The Common Misconceptions of Sexual Abuse' and if you want a read of that you are more than welcome to do so. 
Olivia Thristan

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  1. Amen to this! You're right, the majority of rape happens sober and by a partner/loved one/someone you trust. It makes me really sad to hear things like that as well. Nothing irritates me more than hearing 'she was asking for it', what a horrific thing to say. At the end of the day, getting drunk is legal and rape is illegal. It is as simple as that. Great post and hope you keep on writing important pieces like this!

    Gweni xxx www.gbeauty.co.uk