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I love autumn it's my favourite season not too cold but it's not mega hot either (so basically like all of summer) I love the feeling of the leaves, the wrapping up warm, fireworks and of course hot chocolate! I think it's key to have some staple pieces in your wardrobe for each season, for summer mine is a pair of flip flops, a floaty dress and some sunglasses whereas with winter it's a scarf, boots and a gorgeous pair of jeans. I thought it would be cool to share with you lovelies, my three staple items for Autumn and why I think you need them. Let me know in the comments what you NEED during the autumn months.

This gorgeous parka is from Target Dry and I love it, it's so warm, waterproof and also has a hood which is key for me, I think it is a lovely colour and perfect for the autumn months as it looks girly and fashionable and can be worn with pretty much anything.  It comes with a hood which is super fluffy which can be taken off which is always a bonus, espeically when we are having 'nicer' weather it's perfect to wear in the run up to winter and also really good to give shape as you can tighten it to make it look less 'puffy' which I feel a lot of coats can give a feel of that which I dislike. 

I am always in boots all year round but I always treat myself to a few new pairs in the months leading up to August, these amazing boots were only £16.99 from Shoe Zone (AMAZING price) and are perfect for those who need a little height like me but are still easy to wear everyday and most importantly comfy. I always go for a pair of boots in black as they are easy to wear with most items of clothing and always look good with a pair of jeans or even a pretty dress. The price of these boots makes them even more appealing as if they get ruined I can repurchase easily. 

I love scarf's I think they're gorgeous and make a simple outfit have a little bit more to it, I think they're kind of like a bag when it comes to adding a finishing touch to an outfit and I don't think you can have too many scarf's the same as my policy on bags and shoes. I love this one in particular as I think it will go perfectly with the parka and boots and you can get them for all different price ranges whether that be Primark or New Look. 
Olivia Thristan

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