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If you have me on Facebook or know me on a personal level you may already know this wonderful part of my life, but if not let me tell you. When I was 13 I got braces which is pretty normal for teenagers who have bad teeth which need sorting out, when I was 17 I got them taken out (not so normal) which meant for FOUR years and and 9 months... yeah I counted... I had braces. Which of course led to bullying and other rubbish which is totally silly because I wanted straight teeth?! The most original I got was 'brace face' those crazy kids. But I've got to admit despite the bullying I got for having them, it was totally 110% worth it, my teeth were a mess and even now I'll forever be smiling to show off my smile and it's been three years since they were taken off. Braces are a lot easier to be accessed now than what they were years ago, it's a lot more common for people to have braces (probably for a year or two) not four like myself.

But as they were less accessible around 30 years ago or so, people are now getting them as adults, which I myself think is pretty awesome. I would rather spend the money on my teeth rather than my lips or nose but that's personal to me. I think the amazing thing is you can have clear braces which aren't even noticeable which great for those adults who are self conscious about their image. Although I think a mouth full of metal isn't as bad as it seems as you can get pretty colours but I totally understand why a lot of adults choose to go down the clear route.

Claire Nightingale of Queens Gate Orthodontics  states:

'We are seeing an increasing number of adults wanting to straighten their smiles both to improve their appearance and to create a comfortable bite. In many cases, adults are choosing to go ahead with Invisalign as a treatment rather than traditional, medal braces given that they can, in most cases, achieve the same results without inducing the metal mouth look! Celebrities such as Michelle Keegan are openly using Invisalign to help them achieve their dream smile and it's quickly becoming an attractive option for many adults.'

As much as the aftermath of braces is AMAZING, the pain during, not so much. If you have had braces yourself you'll know the pain of having them tightened is unreal and leaves you in achy pain for days to the point where you can't eat much more than soup and bread. But as they say, no pain no gain, right? I enjoyed wearing my braces for most of my time as it felt cool to be able to change up the colours when I had an appointment and I often went for rainbow colours, yeah I am awesome aren't I? If you have to have braces or choose to have them as an adult, remember the outcome is definitely worth it. 

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Olivia Thristan

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  1. Braces are something I'm looking to get next year, which means that I probably wont have them off until I'm almost 28 :( They've given you such a beautiful smile though! No pain no gain is right, but are they REALLY that painful for the full four years or does the pain come and go? xx