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Four steps to fabulous feet! 

If you know me well, you will know my feet have been in bad condition for a while now which is never good, so I decided I would give my feet an easy but effective pamper and I thought I would share with you lovelies how to give your feet a much needed pamper in four easy steps. I was sent a box of goodies to give me perfect feet from Simply Feet, the box also came with some instructions which were very useful and I thought I would share with you lovelies.  

Step One:
File off all of the dead skin from your feet, this may take a while if there is a lot of dead skin. Use a special foot file which you can get from a lot places some look like a cheese grater which can be overwhelming but in my box there was a huge foot file ready to tackle my feet. If you take your foot at an angle and keep filling until a lot of skin comes off and you should be able to keep a different and also see one as well. After this just them a quick rinse followed by a patting down with a towel.

Step Two: 
Next use a scrub of your choice to try scrub off the remainder of dead skin, I have tried lots of good ones so it's up to personal choice which you fancy using. I was provided with this Gehwol scrub which I found to be effective. With scrub I recommend sitting over your bath applying the scrub all over, leave for a few minutes then wash off and repeat the dabbing and drying process.

Leave it half an hour before the next step.

Step Three:
Next apply some moisturising cream to your feet, this is key after all of the intense scrubbing they have just been through, once again pick any you fancy, I was sent this foot cream from simply feet although I have repeated since using a variety of different ones and have enjoyed using ones with pretty scents more.

Step Four: 
My favourite part of the whole process is after applying the moisturiser from step three is to pop on these socks, which on the onside are rubber which I guess stops things getting in and they are also easy to clean out after use. leave these on overnight for the best results. Repeat step three and four every night for a week for perfectly pampered feet.
Olivia Thristan

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