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I am a huge fan of Pinterest and spend so much of my time on there, it's so fun to collaborate all of the things you like and blend them into boards for others to see. I think Pinterest is perfect for those planning a wedding, keeping tabs on house interior and those who love fashion and beauty. It's also a great way to display your own images for others to see and admire. If you fancy following me on Pinterest you can do so here. I decided today I would create a collage of gorgeous girly and pink interior for my dream house, I am planning do different posts just like this one if you enjoy it, so let me know! Below are all of the gorgeous things I would include in my dream house, from the kicthen to the bathroom, as you can tell I am a very girly girl and love all things pink. I think this house would be perfect for me, not sure my boyfriend would agree but I can dream.

I think these images have a sense of elegance within them and this makes me happy as I would love my house to look classy and elegant. Although I may not get a girly pink house, in the future I hope I will get an office which I can go a little girl crazy in and include lots of pink and girly items like makeup storage, pretty mirrors and of course flowers! When you own your house I think it's key to keep things like bills to a minimum so you can spend your money on other things like making your house pretty, for example keeping your rooms heated for less; click here for an example I think making your room girly is possible without having pink walls, by adding different pink items throughout the room and also creating a theme is key, else it may look a little cluttered. My favourite part in the pictures are the chairs, as they all look classic and also comfy, if I was to create my own dream house it would include some nice big chairs, a huge bath and of course a lovely big dressing table!

All of these images came from Pinterest and do not belong to me.

What would you include in your dream house? 

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Olivia Thristan

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  1. Oh my gosh how amazing is this??!! Would love to live in this house lol x