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Something I am very excited to bring to my blog is New Looks' amazing new sportswear range, I am forever buying gorgeous sportswear from a variety of places as I love to have new workout clothes often as it keeps me motivated to keep working out (whatever does it right?) so today I thought I would share with you two awesome looks which I created with clothes and accessories from their collection. If you want to purchase any of the things featured within the outfits you can from here.

 There are so many great thing about this outfit, the first one is the fact you can wear it pretty much anywhere to work out whether that be in the gym, outside or even in your own home. The leggings are easy to wear and also very comfy, and the gym vest is perfect for those who feel uncomfortable just in a sports bra. I usually invest in branded trainers but these are so cute and I'd happily make the switch for them. I went for this vest as it's a nice piece of motivation which you can see whenever you are by a mirror, and it's great to be reminded of your goal and why you should keep going. I love the salmon coloured theme throughout this outfit also, I think it's very pretty and makes an awesome gym outfit a bit more fun and nice.

A little bit of a different outfit in this picture as I added a hoodie as well. I think this a great outfit for running or in the gym (although I would recommend the hoodie for after workouts) I love how simple this outfit is, but still really appealing to wear. My favourite part of the outfit is the pattern on the top of the leggings. This outfit is more suited to those who like to workout in a sports bra rather than covered up which is also motivation in itself as you can see your stomach which for me is my goal so being able to see it, makes me want to work harder.

Olivia Thristan

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