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Popchips are a fabulous alternative to crisps with a low calorie amount at only 95 calories a pack, with the same amazing flavour as regular crisps. Recently they have launched a brand new flavour Mature Cheese and Onion and as part of this campaign I was sent a lunch box full of goodies related to the theme of Cheese and Onion. Inside of the box was two packs of Popchips, one block of mature cheese, with an adorable little cheese board and knife and also some red onion chutney. Of course I went for the pop chips first, and this is the first packet of their crisps I've tried as I was sent a lovely box of them last year (the ready salted were my faves) and I found them a useful snack for weight loss. The reason Popchips are so low in calories is because they are popped rather than fried like most chips, which makes them a lot better for you and if you want to read more about the story of how they are made check out their website.  

 The crisps are full of flavour and remind me a bit of the texture of a popadom (yummy) so I think this flavour is a new hit for Popchips and I will definitely be purchasing some more packs of them myself. I think that cheese and onion compliments each other well and tastes completely different to any other packet of crisp which is out there. Although I am not a fan of the chutney I have given it to one of my housemates who loves it, and I have had a lot of fun using my adorable cheese board and think it makes a perfect little plate for cheese at parties and the knife is a keeper for getting through that pesky cheese. 


Popchips Lunch Box

Cheese and Onion Popchips

Olivia Thristan


  1. These look delicious and perfect for when you need a bit of crunch but are trying to stay healthy - thanks for sharing (great photos too X)