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The fact that some of the amazing products I purchased at Lush Oxford Street are available to purchase in other stores and online yay! Which of course means a haul is in order right? I am in love with so many Lush products and just wish I could buy 10 of everything so I'd never run out but of course that's not realistic nor great for my bank, so I have a bit of a mini haul for you lovelies today and I will be doing a bigger one in a few weeks so if you have any recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments.   

Lush Haul

Princess Cotton Grass Body Spray:
This body spray doesn't smell what I thought it would smell like, but it still smells gorgeous! The smell when it's first sprayed is very strong and smells like fresh cut grass mixed with fresh flowers which is so lush. It comes in an easy to spray bottle which is 100ml so will be long lasting for myself, the name is inspired by a Swedish Fairytale which makes it all that more irresistible. The fragrance is made from violet leaf and nettle which makes me feel like it's even more fresh and lovely. The perfect scent for those who love fresh scents. 

Princess Cotton Grass Spray

The Experimenter Bath Bomb: 
I am addicted to this bath bomb, not even gonna lie this is the third time I've had it and I plan on purchasing some more real soon. It's just an explosion of colour, beautiful scents and glitter, an ideal bath bomb for myself! You see each bit of the bathbomb explode into the tub then it breaks off into different bits, leaving your bath a dark blue colour at the end which is nice to relax in. Although some people have said the scent is overpowering but I love it. If you are not a fan of bright colours and strong scents you may want to avoid it, but I recommend it hands down.

The Experimenter

The Little Dragon Bubble Bar: 
This is one of the few bubble bars I have purchased but this one has convinced me to get some more in the near future. So if you can't tell from the pic, this is a dragon and if you fold the piece of paper in the middle (which I didn't think to do) it looks like a really cool Chinese dragon. I would recommend removing the paper before using so you can use them separately for even more joyous baths! If you don't know, if you run a bubble bar under the tap it creates a huge amount of lovely bubbles and gives off a gorgeous scent! The bubbles turn your bath into a gorgeous red colour, almost like the fire of the dragon and has a very fiery scent to go with it (I am terrible at explaining) but for the price it's amazing for the amount of baths you get out of one bubble bar.

The Little Dragon Bubble Bar

I swear this product was made for me, with my always tangled hair which is like impossible to remove all of the knots from it, the perks of having long (ish) thick hair! This product is a hot oil treatment and what you do is boil the kettle and pop the treatment block into a container, then pour the hot water over the treatment and then stir until it becomes like an oil treatment which should be fairly thick then you can apply to your hair, it is recommended that you leave on your hair for up to 20 minutes before rinsing off and shampooing, which gives the treatment time to work its magic and give you knot free hair, yay! The fragrance of the tangled bar is very floral and uplifting and leaves your hair smelling gorgeous which is a bonus right? I would recommend this to anyone has prone to knotty hair, and it's a lot better than attacking your hair with the brush. ouch.

Tangled Hair Treatment Lush

*I was gifted these items for an honest review 
Olivia Thristan

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